No, no, not that kind of scoring- or maybe so- either way- I’m not scoring in anyway- I’m talking about making my goals.

Yesterday, I had nothing but time on my hands, but I still didn’t manage to get these bad boys posted up- My midmorning snack was another lovely Simply Bar- lemon coconut- I want to know if you can buy those little soy crisps they have in it (and luna bars for that matter)- does anyone know if such thing exists in stores?

I’ve also became so domesticated recently- I spent my morning yesterday after submitting another paper doing laundry, making muffins, sorting out dinner and then making some more of Averie’s chocolate (it happens to taste quite delightful on frozen bananas for those of you who are interested).  The muffins were zucchini spelt muffins (though I ran out of spelt and used half a cup of amaranth- and instead of using all three T of vegetable oil, I did one and two of apple sauce- they turned out brilliantly!).

Lunch was more of the same- steamed veggies with some goat cheese topping in and a big orange- I didn’t take a photo because I ate it before I remembered- but if you need to see it- scroll on down to the previous post and something like it is bound to be there.

Dinner was more of the same- I don’t know if you’ve picked up on this, but I like to top my salad with dinners- last night was turkey burrito mix (1 onion sauteed with some garlic; add the turkey until it’s cooked; handful of frozen corn; blended up can of black beans; salsa; and taco seasoning- done and done).

So friends, here we go March Goals:

  1. Be nicer to myself, and more forgiving in times when I need it (break ups, tumors, insane school schedules)
  2. Eat foods that make me feel good (clean, whole foods do this for me- not sugary crap ones- they work in the moment, but not over time- I need to realize this)
  3. Yoga twice a week (or more)- it’s like therapy- so freaking nice
  4. Read 4 books from today until I’m back from Mexico (21st)- recommendations of good beach reads please!)
  5. Breath

That’s all for this month- what are yours? I’ve decided to start by doing number one, and not making it too hard for me to accomplish my goals. In actual fact I’m breathing right now- like I said earlier- Month is off to a good start!


10 thoughts on “GOAL(s)!

  1. i think those are some awesome goals! #1 is a MUST, and i’m impressed with #2. i usually TELL myself things like that, but find myself eating ice cream and chocolate bars and mexican food anyway!!!! seems like you are doing well so far tho with all your veggie/goat cheese eats 🙂

  2. Great goals! My favorite book is Three Cups Of Tea by Greg Mortenson. Anything by Nick Hornby is good too!

    I need to get that cookbook. I keep meaning to order it, but never do. I’ll get to it one day 🙂

  3. i really want to get EDBV! yes love, please be nice to yourself! it’s something i could def work on too! glad your month is off to a good start, those are some great goals! i love that they’re more of guidelines instead of milestones. so much more attainable and sustainable!

  4. I love your goals! So good to focus on you right now!

    And nothing wrong with scoring either? Heaven knows I could use a goal right now 😉

    Yay for Vegan Vednesday!

  5. thanks for the shoutout hottie!!! xoxo
    and the eb & bv zuke muffies…ok again, i never make anything in that book b/c nothing ever looks “really good” to me…so i don’t do it. then i see you and other ladies making this great stuff and it inspires me to go dust off that bad boy.
    but how bout you just make me a muffie and ill make you some raw chocolate 🙂

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