March Madness

Jon Montgomery- one of the greatest Canadians in the games was quoted saying “I had said at the beginning of the race that if I was in that position and I did get gold coming from behind that I was going to remain stoic and respectful because you never want to cheer when somebody else loses. But I have to apologize to Martins. That didn’t happen. I lost my mind when I saw the .07 come up. It was like I had stuck my finger in a light socket.” (source)

He later grabbed a beer from a random woman on the street and decided to auction it off in a television interview that I cannot seem to find anywhere.  Priceless Olympic moments.

I have to say it: Best. Olympics. Ever.

I don’t know if it’s an age thing or what it is- but I loved it! Did you see the beavers and lumberjacks at the closing ceremonies? My point is made.  (I won’t talk about the music- that was lame- but the beavers made up for it).

Back to business- I’ve now handed in two of my four research papers that are due this week, I have the third completed and I’m waiting for editing (and will submit it later today) and I think tomorrow I will finish up what’s left of my fourth and be done with this semester at school.

I have no idea what happened to February- not one idea- one day- a long, long time ago I was making February resolutions- then went to bed and woke up in March.  The last month I think the only thing I did on my resolution list was head to yoga twice a week- which could have been the most important part. I want to say that I failed at my monthly resolutions- but I’m not going to- I was drowning in life, and I had to do what I had to do to stay afloat.  This month will be different though- I feel it already!

This morning I woke up to pink skies on my run- which just felt glorious- I came home and had a nice bowl of oats (not pictured- pb, banana, chia, protein, 1/4c oats)- it feels good having oats on Mondays- I feel like I’m just doing something right when I eat them- I think straight, I get more accomplished, I’m not snackish- does anyone else feel that way?

I’m thinking about food I can take with me to Mexico- I’ve never been- don’t know what my options are like- am I pretty safe not bothering with taking food? I’m not dependent on protein powders- I mean I’ll take my gels for my long runs- but other then that- any advice?

I still have to think about my March goals before I go posting them ALL over the internet- I think one of them will definitely be to relax and maybe be nicer to myself- I think those two sound like a good starting point- Have you got going on your March Goals? Post them here- I could use some ideas!

sunday lunch: salad with tuna and some "healthy chips"
Dinner: Broccoli and Cauliflower steamed with goat cheese and canadian chips on top- random? yes. delicious? yes.

12 thoughts on “March Madness

  1. I didn’t see that race, but I did watch the hockey game. I was sad for the US goalie and thought it was touching when his NHL head coach who is also the Canadian Olympic coach went over and shook his hand almost immediately after the winning goal was scored. I liked these Olympics a lot and definitely prefer winter over summer Olympics.

    I think your goals sound great. Nothing wrong with a little self-love for a month 🙂

  2. I totally concur. (Did you see that Seinfeld episode?). I can’t believe its March, I absolutely loved the olympics, and I definitely need to be nicer to myself too!

    Great job on getting some of your papers out of the way. Mexico is going to be great. I’ve never been, but I’d probably pack little snacks just in case. 🙂

  3. being kinder to myself is always an important goal for me– important, but tough! i just started the artist’s way program, so i’m hoping i can stick with it through the course. one assignment in the program is to wake up and write three pages stream of consciousness every morning. i did it while still in bed today and i felt great afterward. it was a nice brain purge so i could move on with my day unfettered. like a brain bubble bath! (yuck image)

    1. They were from Safeway- don’t know- I think they’re a rip off of pop chips or something along those lines- not the best, but they’ll do when you need a crunchy snack- that is forsure!

  4. I have the problem too of getting to a blog and finding that I figure the conversation is already over hours ago. That’s the downside of putting the hour stamp on your comments by the way.

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