New School Lunches

Hello Egg Poof- I could not decide what to eat this morning, but I thought I could use some egg in my life- needless to say- the egg poof delivered.  Easiest clean up of my life- into the dishwasher all the dishes went! [For those of you who do not know, and egg poof is … More New School Lunches

Hello Monday

When you’re eating something really yummy, do you find it hard to remember to take photos of it? I do. Therefor my weekend round up is a little shotty. Friday was great- I was going to wake up and do my workout at 6am, then quickly realized I didn’t have to- I hit the alarm … More Hello Monday

Are you a Runner?

Hey Friends- I just wanted to share with you a little about what I’m getting into as my training starts to pick up, our longest run being on April 10th- which is  a run where we go from downtown in my city to a down town in a city (Sidney) just on the outskirts of … More Are you a Runner?

Black Out

You know those days that fly by and before you know it a month has come to an end? I’m right there- except for me, three months have passed.  I cannot believe it’s the end(ish) of March! Come on Spring..! Woke up this morning wide awake at 5 and had to go out and  teach … More Black Out

Sign Me Up ButterCup

More nut butter: Check. Whole Eggs: Check. More avocado: Check. More of Averie’s coconut oil chocolate: Yessssuhhhhh! Better Skin? Hoping so. Fewer Sugar Cravings? Probably. I’m getting on board with the Fatty February Challenge- two months late.  Emily and Susan have been working on this for quite some time.  Heather also ups the fat in … More Sign Me Up ButterCup