Trying new recipes- More fun then homework

I wish I had a million cool things to fill you in on over my weekend- but I don’t.

I worked on papers, did a 19k run, drank some wine, watched the Olympics (men’s hockey is on right now- hanging on for the last 11 minutes) and did some yoga.

Did I take pictures of my many glorious eats?! Of course not! Why would I? Not like I have a blog that I post them on or anything.. ! I managed to capture a few- but when I went to plug in my camera- I was missing the majority of what went down.  Win some you lose some, I’ll take this one if Canada could win gold right now.  The compromises I’m willing to make for some people-

Short post though- there will be more later- I wanted to share my adapted version of Bekah’s Granola as well remind you that you have until this evening when I post again (after the closing ceremonies) to enter-

The ingredients in all their pre-cooked glory

Bekah’s Coconut Chia Granola
Slightly toasted with whatever I had around.. perhaps a little razzle-dazzle some might say

3C Rolled Oats (not instant
3/4C Fancy Coconut
1/2C slivered almonds
1/2C pecans
1/4C millet
3T Chia Seeds
1/4 C both honey and brown rice syrup
2 T vegetable oil
2T Vanilla
2T cinnamon


Mix up all the above- and bake it at 375 for 20minutes- making sure to stir it every 5-10minutes.

**I ended up cooking mine at 375 for 25minutes- way too long for my oven- just watch it in the last 5 and adjust the time for how you like your granola**


Thanks Bekah for the great recipe that has been changed up just a tad- for the kitchen sink kind of people!

Don’t forget to enter in the chocolate GIVEAWAY if you haven’t- the draw is tonight people- get on it!


8 thoughts on “Trying new recipes- More fun then homework

  1. Your comment on my blog made ME tear up! Thank you so much for what you said about our pictures. You truly made my heart grow 10x bigger!

    I love Bekah’s granola! Your adaptation looks equally delicious 🙂 I’m off to check out your giveaway and get my entry in before the drawing.

    Thanks again…you’re amazing!

  2. Umm, so just a little thing about me.. probably the number one thing that makes me happy is when a blogger who I haven’t checked out or heard of makes my granola. (Because that’s the only recipe that I have that has been deemed “make-able”.) hehe, but it seriously makes my day! So happy you were able to adapt it and make it your own! It looks delicious. For me, I think the maple syrup and coconut make it, but I’m sure the honey+brown rice syrup was superb!

    Have a great night my dear.. and going to enter your giveaway now, if there is still time! (BTW, loved reading your about page as well.)

    1. I wanted to make the recipe your way- I did- I’d run out of maple syrup and had to wait for a costco run to get more (that stuff is way to expensive to buy from a store)- and I’ve been doing so much lurking and not commenting on so many people’s sites- yours was definitely one of those- I’ve been MIA on the comment front- thanks for popping by and making wonderful granola (so easy)!

    1. people are putting chia all over their food in the blogosphere- I just went out and jumped on the bandwagon one day- have noticed no difference in my health, but they don’t taste bad and kind of add a good texture to things-

  3. That granola looks fab! Your weekend sounds great to me 🙂 I didn’t see a living soul from Friday night until Sunday afternoon, unless you count randoms at the gym. I’m such a hermit sometimes.

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