Fridays Confession

Oats (1/4C, chia seeds, protein, peanut butter, banana, AND one piece of Averie's chocolate!)

I cannot believe it’s Friday already- I didn’t even post yesterday- let a lone take photos of the ridiculous amount of cookies I ate- that happens though- It’s crunch time at school, my period may or may not be coming, and my first love, the best love of my life thus far and I broke up last week.  I haven’t talked about that one yet because I wasn’t quite sure what was happening or how to deal with it.  Needless to say my life has been a roller coaster of emotion the last two weeks- and things finally are beginning to feel like they’re going to be ok.

It’s crazy how you can drown yourself in everything in your life, feeling like you’re struggling to catch your breath- while the whole time you have been breathing and getting by, and managed to come out the other end and be ok.

School isn’t over for me yet- I have four research papers due next week- all of which are no where near finished- but I couldn’t seem to wrap my head around doing anything other then eating things with sugar and fat the last week.  And you know what?! I’m ok with that- that happens- that is what they call life.

Yesterday though- on the last day of my sugary love fest I was throwing for myself, I made Averie’s Vegan Coconut Oil Chocolate– I’m not going to lie, it didn’t taste like regular chocolate (no shock though- I doubt I can do what Denman Island does justice), but it was GOOD! It was an easy fudgey second that I would make again in a heart beat! I think the next time I whip up a batch though, I’m going to mix it with coconut and oats before tossing it in the freezer- make a little energy bar out of the mix.

This morning I woke up feeling good.  I went for a 40minute easy run before settling into my oats and giving this blog a little l.o.v.e. before heading back to my paper and trying to knock off another couple hundred words (hopefully more) before heading down to volunteer and then to work.  Tonight’s a big hockey game for Canada and Friday- and basically any day in general- which means wine with girlfriends! I’m looking forward to a glass or two before bed after this long, long week- and yes, it’s not even 8:30am and I’m talking about wine.

Hope everyone has a great day- and enjoys the last weekend of Olympic TV- Check out the Giveaway– winners announced on Sunday!

What’s been your favorite story so far?  Who’s been your favorite character to watch?  I’m not going to lie, I still love Patrick Chan- he will always have a piece of my heart- but Joannie Rochette– I can not believe her strength through these last weeks.  She’s my hero.


17 thoughts on “Fridays Confession

  1. i’m sorry sorry to hear about your breakup. they are so draining. i hope you make time to take good care of yourself (ex. bubble bath, mindless movie or awesome run) this weekend. something that has helped me in the past is to remind myself that pain is the breaking of the shell that encases my understanding.

  2. So sorry to hear about the breakup. You seem to be handling it with so much strength! I admire your for that.

    I hope your papers go well and enjoy that wine girl!

  3. Sorry to hear about the breakup. Those situations are always hard. You seem to be doing pretty well. And yes, it’s totally ok for food to ebb and flow. It is part of life.

    As for Olympic stories, Joannie Rochette is just so incredible. What a show of strength. It’s incredibly sad… On a more upbeat note, I also like Patrick Chan and the “Snow Leopard” (the skier from Africa).

  4. I’m sorry everything is hitting you all at once. It sounds like you’ve got a good attitude about it all though. Good luck sweetie!

    My favorite Olympic story…Stephen Colbert! He’s dominating the games 🙂

  5. So true about Joannie Rochette!! She’s been on the scene for so long and to be able to put down such great performances after her mom passed away….she’s earned so much respect ❤

  6. hey girl,

    sounds like a lot of troubles at once, but i am sure u´ll be ok soon, hope all your papers go well, success in school always cheers me up as well as the chocolate 🙂 I´m glad to hear that you feeling ok about the little sugar overload, you´re right that is life and there will be better times coming!!!!
    send u all my mental support!!!

  7. oh no, i’m really sorry to hear that! but honestly, i know things will work out for you and this breakup might be the hugest blessing ever. if things weren’t headed the way you wanted them to, there was no sense in being trapped in an unhealthy relationship. you’re young and amazing, you should be free to do/see whatever and whoever you want! (don’t mix up the order of those, i’m not promoting promiscuity haha) but really…hang in there! i know it’s incredibly painful no matter what

  8. aw i am sorry to hear about your breakup. they can be so exhausting. don’t beat yourself up if you need to take some time for yourself…be extra good to yourself, spend lots of time with your girlfriends, and totally spoil yourself!!!


  9. Hmm, that chocolate is totally intriguing! And coincidentally, I just bought some coconut oil at the store–supposed to be good for fighting fat–we’ll see 🙂 I have to say, I’ve loved Joannie Rochette too. She is amazing and so talented. I really do feel for her!

    Hope things get a little less crazy for you. Hopefully the wine and girl time helped! Extra hugs sweet pea! xoxoxoxoxo

    1. Oh my god- get on this Emily- I was thinking about you and Susan in the fatty feb plan- this would be perfect- it tastes so freaking good- not like chocolate, but a cooler fudgier version of it!

  10. Adrien thanks for making the chocolate and for posting about it…yes, it’s a bit of an acquired taste b/c there is coconut oil in it AND there’s not the usual amt of refined sugar or soy lecithin emulsifiers used in traditional candy making. Glad you enjoyed it somewhat 🙂 and if you use more agave and thin it out, and sweeten it, it’s a great frosting or add-in to like oats, etc.

    So sorry bout the breakup and the drama. Hang in there honey!!!

  11. Ah I hope your feeling better there’s nothing like a good chocolate over load to make ya feel good when the heart is hurting : ) I so need to get my study butt in gear! Thank you for your sweet comments they make my day, I wish I lived near by too bloggy meet ups would be ace! x x

  12. Haven’t seen you for a while at BW and BDHQ~. Take care of yourself. Be gentle. You’re enough, and beautiful as is. There is so much ahead of you in your amazing career. Feel free to call if you’d like to chat or get together for coffee. Check out my new website at too. Appreciate any feedback you have on the site or coaching/resources that would be helpful. Thanks.

    1. I was just in there last night teaching! You missed out! It was funny cause I got this email with your comment on it on my way home- I miss you, and am so proud of you- your web site looks great- such a fun project that you’ve been thinking of for quite a while now- must feel good to have it up and running- will be a fun year of new adventures for you- that is forsure!

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