Vegan Vednesday, Von Moh Time!

Ohhhh it’s Vegan Vednesday all ovah again and I’m just so excited for ze vegan eats.

I stahted this mohning vith the cohn thins and ze almond buttah and banana, once I vas done vith that I zen went for a training run, jah.

I ended up running ze intervals on my own time so I could get to ze yoga class during the time of my regular clinic, jah. Ze workout today was 20minutes to warm up, zen get into 2×10 minute intervals at a 10km tempo pace- I ended up going way faster zen I thought I vould, but I didn’t even mind, jah. I figure as long as you are vorking hard, it counts as ze good workout.  Zen I cooled down for about 15minutes as vell, my vatch said 59 minutes, jah, ven I vas all said and done.

Vonce I got home I made a vee little snackie zat was pear and a Simply Bar, jah. I just love ze Simply Bars- I vant to share zem vith the vorld-

After zat snack- I vanted to do more homework, but ended up going to ze circuit class at my studio- I half assed ze workout since I vas zeir mainly for somezing othah zen ze homework to focus on, jah.

Lunch today vas some tamale pie insides vis some raisins for a sveet treat. It vas very good and very satisfying for my tired little body.

I’m vighting a paper right now on ze interpersonal nature of blogs, and in particular health and fitness blogs- if you have an input on how you feel abou ze exposure and how much you put yourzelf out zere I vould love to hear about it, jah.

Dinner tonight vas a vegan salad like none ozah.  It vas mexican and delicious with avocado, ze corn, black beans and ze lettuce- not to mention ze chips I ate vith it- something about tortilla chips I just consider healthy- it’s ze corn, jah.

Hope you’ve all had a great Vegan Vednesday, jah.  Have fun to all those celebrating Vegan Thursday as well- and Vegan Everyday, jah.

Don’t forget to enter ze Giveavay for ze chocolate- woop!


11 thoughts on “Vegan Vednesday, Von Moh Time!

  1. you are AMAZING. seriously, i couldn’t stop laughing during this post. esp when you said “jah” about the simply bars, don’t know why that cracked me up so bad. i love you!!! and vegan vednesday! i celebrated in style 🙂 thanks for the reminder yesterday!

  2. hahaha! I love this feature of your site.
    Your paper sounds interesting. Will you put a sample up on your site for us to read?

    I think blogs are mostly friendly, but you get people every now and then that leave rude comments, but they’re always anonymous. I think that takes away from it being personal if they’re going to be anonymous. I’d take what they’d said more seriously if they left their name.

  3. Another awesome vegan vednesday post!

    I’ve been really lucky to have been met with nothing but support and friendliness. I do tend to shy away from those subjects that are touchy or extremely personal, though.

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