Day off- or off Day

1/2banan, 1/2C bluebs w/ goat yogurt and chopped almonds

The last couple of days, and week coming up is all a bit insane for me- having a final (which is officially done) and 5 papers has been weighing on me like nothing else- I’m hoping to have all of them pretty tight by Monday though- and if that’s the case- I will be enjoying lot’s of time off before heading down to Mexico.

Breakfast this morning was one of champions- just look at that bowl of goodness! I polished it off and went into school to write my final- in and out in 30minutes which was a pleasant surprise- but I had a list of things to keep me busy looming for the rest of today.. starting with a spin class

I noshed on a cinnamon Simply Bar (buy these- they’re amazing) and took myself down to spin- lucky for me (or not) there wasn’t enough bikes- so instead of working out- I decided to grab a coffee with a friend before heading home and making myself a lunch.

Lunch today was pretty boring, not going to lie. A veggie dog and some steamed veggies- nothing you want to see a picture of- Todays meals are pretty light because after I made that batch of cookies the other day- I managed to polish them off in two days.. I hate to say it, but I might be eating my feelings- something that all of my friends have been doing lately with the stress of school and various relationships.  I’m ok with it though- today I’m just going to take it easy on myself- my body is tired, and I don’t even think I’ll head to yoga- something about taking a day off when you need it just feels so, so good.

Dinner tonight is a repeat from last night, and since you didn’t see it:

Veggie Tamale Pie w/ whole wheat corn bread top & goat cheese

It was ok- they had a bread layer on the top and bottom- I scooped it to only have the crispy layer though which wasn’t too bad- once I sort out the recipe I will make sure to post it.

There you have it, a little update on all the non-existent wonders of my life.

Hope everyone is having a stress-free week, don’t forget to enter the chocolate GIVEAWAY.

Any great recipes I’m missing out on in the blogosphere? Love to hear about them!


14 thoughts on “Day off- or off Day

  1. Glad you took the day off! Sometimes nothing is better than taking a day off from the craziness. Just think about how awesome Mexico will be!

    Have a great night and hang in there, lady!

  2. I’m sorry you’re so stressed right now. The light (Mexico) is at the end of the tunnel. Just push through these days and you’ll be relaxing!

    Thank you for the comment on my blog tonight. I think it’s important to get those statistics out there. Some people think ED’s are glamorous or that not many people are affected when in fact, an extreme opposite is true. Thanks again!

  3. vegan vensday coming up, thanks for the reminder 🙂 it’ll be much easier now that i’ve cut out yogurt to see if it helps my skin..that’s pretty much the only non-vegan thing i eat anyway! i’ve never heard of simply bars but will look for em. yum a tamale pie sounds great in theory, i should try making one!

    1. It certainly is tangy like goat cheese- if you’re expecting it to taste like cows milk then it’s pretty sick, but if you think of it like a goat cheese with something figgy or sweet on top and are expecting the tang- it’s amazing!

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