Weekend of Randoms

School is going to kick my ass this week- so expect more sporadic posts- I think I’m going to try for every second day- just to give myself a fair shot at what I need to do- sorry for the inconvenience to any of you who are living life daily for my posts- it must be hard to handle- ha!

This weekend was a pretty uneventful one- school books, and papers ruled my life- as well as new recipes and bottles of wine- but I’m not complaining!

Friday night I went to that movie Valentine’s Day- I have a serious girl crush on Jessica Biel and am pretty sure I would kill for that body- just 50minutes a day apparently is all the girl does – pfft yeah right!  Needless to say it was a pretty bad movie- I like bad movies, but I hate Ashton Kutcher- he takes me back to high school when I loved the hot doofus jack ass kind of guy- get a new gig buddy- that one is getting old!

Enough about that- Saturday woke up and had my long run, it wasn’t too long- 1h30, but man, it felt like I was running with the weight of the world on my shoulders- I’ve been so stressed lately- nothing- not even my favorite exercise gets me going.

I came home- worked on some homework and got together with a girlfriend for some boy bashing and wine drinking- it was more like boy loving and wine drinking, but we tried to bash- there sometimes is just too much to love (thank god).

Woke up this morning with a slight hangover and a need for a banana pancake- I whipped one of those bad boys up and then headed down to the studio for a little ass kicking- 75 minutes of burpees and lunges galore- it didn’t feel great, but I’m not going to complain about getting exercise- I needed to sweat and breath- it was supposed to be a yoga day too- you know when you just can’t be bothered to lie on a mat and hear nice things? That was my day today- came home, more homework, a power walk and some dinner- such a boring weekend compared to the festivities of the last weekend- I think I’ll be in Van at some point in the next week, hoping to get a last kick at the Olympic can- it has been so much fun, not going to lie!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend- have you tried any new great recipes this week?  I made Angela’s Crunchy Quinoa cereal and the EDBV Super Charge Me cookies– so, so good! Both recipes, worth checking out!

Don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY if you haven’t already- somebody’s gonna get lucky on Sunday- I can just feel it!

love, love, love these bars! Eat your hearts out fitness foodie bloggers with dairy intolerance!
egg whites and spinach- with a "little bit" of heinz

crunchy quinoa up close and personal

crunchy quinoa- easy and delicious!
oatmeal pancake- topped with PB& banan, obvs
salad with tuna, goat cheese, reduced balsamic, lemon juice and craisins
EDBV cookies- aka little bites of heaven
pesto chicken with cheetahs and salad


8 thoughts on “Weekend of Randoms

  1. School is clobbering my ass 😕 I like that you woke up after a night of drinking and went for a banana pancake and burpees lol. That’s what I do, while my friends get quesadillas and lie on the couch 🙂

  2. I’m sorry you’ve been feeling stressed. It sounds like you had a little break with the movie and wine. I don’t like boy bashing either. They have it just as rough as us sometimes 🙂
    Ashton is the WORST! Does he still wear trucker hats? Barf.
    Have a great week!

  3. I could agree more about Ashton. I LOVED him back in the day, but I really hate when celebrities refuse to grow up, it’s so annoying. I feel like Cameron Diaz is the same way! I used to be obsessed with her and now I wouldn’t see a movie with her in it unless I had to.

    Hope your week is successful in school!!

  4. oy. school. i am truly sad that you’ll be cutting back on posting but i guessss school is more important than blogging, though that’s debatable. i certainly know which one takes precedent in my life. DUDE i am definitely cutting out dairy to see what happens, my blemishy skin this morning was all the motivation i needed. i do miss my yog already though…i wonder how long i need to conduct this experiment before i can conclusively blame cow boob juice?

  5. I want to see that movie, even though I’m sure it’ll be silly. I went to high school with Jessica Biel, actually. She was a friend of my sister’s and was at our house for Homecoming or Prom or something like that. Nice girl. And she is pretty much naturally athletic!

  6. I remember those days during school. I had so many breakdowns. Good for you for channeling it into running! And wine! I love to channel things into wine 🙂

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