Rebel Without a Cause

Do you see that?! Glistening cottage cheese and bright red apple- I was in heaven this morning.

I’m not too sure how my body will handle this though- see dairy and I haven’t gotten along for quite some time- I think it gives me acne.  But I haven’t had it in ages and there’s no cold hard proof that it does.  I can live without ice cream and I can live without cheese (except around the holidays) but I’m not sure I can live without cottage cheese.

Last time I was getting acne was mid summer.  I’d been consuming a bit of dairy here and there, just gotten off proactive and been super stressed thinking I could be pregnant (because when you look acne and pregnancy up online- it’s could be a sign- just about anything is) and was in an intense 3 week period at school.  So I tried my hardest to quit the dairy all together.

Recently though- I thought to myself, what if I give up added sugar and add the sucker back into my life- what will happen then..?  Truth is- I don’t know, but I did just have some for breakfast, savoring every last bite of it!

Have you heard this acne rumor before?  Do you find you get paranoia when your skin takes a turn for the worse?  I sure do! Have any skin secrets or tips or products you want to share with the world- do it here friends, I may just need them all after this cottage cheese filled weekend!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday! Don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY.


8 thoughts on “Rebel Without a Cause

  1. Oh I would be so sad if cottage cheese didn’t agree with my skin. I love it so. I hope things go well with your rebellious experiment.

  2. I totally understand my skin used to be so bad I didn’t want to leave the house, but I had lots of food allergy problems dairy being just one of them, as I mentioned the low lacto milk I’m having seems to be fine, hope your testing goes ok x x

  3. I love cheese and would never give it up. I’m sure just having it now and then won’t affect your acne. I’m not a doctor so I don’t know, but it stinks to have to deprive yourself of a once in a while yummy cottage cheese breakfast 🙂

    The only tip I have is to only apply mouisterizer at night. I used to get acne and very oily skin until a friend suggested just using night cream. I’ve only been doing it for a month, but it was instantly less oily and I don’t have too many pimples right now.

  4. Sorry dairy doesn’t agree with your skin. I eat clean and all that and STILL get pimps on my face. Does proactive really work??

  5. hmmm ive never heard this but i do know some foods affect skin differently! that would really stink but at least you would know how to resolve it. my breakouts are always hormonal i think and i almost wish it was food related! but not dairy. lol. i love dairy!!!

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