Men’s Free Skate: TGITO

Thank God it’s the Olympics-

And thank god my dad just showed me a picture of Pamela Anderson, leaning towards me showing me the lap top, “How old is she?” – Around 43 Dad, 43.

We’re just sitting around watching Men’s Free Skate- not a big deal. Pictures of Pam Anderson, 19 year old Patrick Chan and Johnny Weir- all in one night.  Not to mention the bottle of wine that I have on the go  (thanks mom and dad- you gracious hosts you..)

And Evan just nailed it and took first from my boyfriend, Patrick Chan (so you have the play by play).

I don’t know what it is about the Olympics, but nothing beats them- the uniforms, the events I would never participate in growing up- At what point does your mom or dad say “Hey, son/daughter, you know what? Go flying down an ice slide at 140km/hr on a crazy carpet-“.  I know that Skeleton is going on the list I’m-never-letting-my-child-participate-in-this- sport among many others- like strippercise, but we won’t go there just yet.

Hope everyone has had a fantastic day today- mine has been good, long, but good, filled with sunshine, walks along the beach (eat your heart out) and teaching a fun bootcamp with a great group of clients-

Don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY still have another week to get in, and be looking for my Cheecha product review- coming up- these bad boys are a Canadian secret, that hopefully will cross the border- or have already that you need to get your hands on.. Cheechas and Maple Syrup- that’s what we have to offer you.

Sorry no food pics, but here’s the eats:

Breakfast: 1/2 banan, 2/3C bluebs, 1/2C goat yog, cereal to top
Snack: 2 corn thin sammies with AB/RFJ
Lunch: Steamed broccoli w/ goat cheddar
Snack: Kashi granola bar
Dinner: Salad w/ avocado, quinoa and some steak
I might have another snack- we’ll see how the evening goes- and there may have been some extra bites through the day- just so we’re clear about the fact that not everything I eat is posted. Loves and hugs friends, loves and hugs.


4 thoughts on “Men’s Free Skate: TGITO

  1. The Olympics has been awesome, hasn’t it? I was talking with some friends how I feel like at this point in my life, I’ve finally realized how amazing and difficult the events are. I feel like I used to think, “Ehhh, I could do that.” But um, no, I definitely can’t. 🙂

  2. Yay Evan won! And Plushenko needs to get over it! 😛 Have you heard what he’s been saying? Evan totally rocked that night (as did Patrick!) 😛 lol


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