Hola Mi Amigo: New Favorite Snack

Hola mi amigo! Bet you didn’t expect that coming from Canada- but it did, just like these crunchy snacks that taste like they could be oh so bad, but in fact are little health snacks from heaven.

I’ve known of CheeCha snacks for quite some time- they’ve popped up here and there in my blog, as well have been a staple gluten free friends cupboards for some time.  They are light, crunchy and somewhat salty and make for the perfect afternoon snack.

The concept for the snack came from the popular Mexican snack Chicharron, which are kind of like chile and lime flavored pork rinds- good news friends, no pork here (or anything fried for that matter).  Elaine Cadrin, one of the co-founders of CheeCha found a new low fat way of making an old Mexican favorite.

CheeCha Puffs come in an astounding amount of flavors- I’m not 100% sure about what’s available in the US, but the the choices are broad enough, I’m sure there’s something you’ll find and learn to love. The list is as follows: ketchup (in true Canadian fashion), Crunchy Dill Pickle, Salt and Pepper (a staple in my cupboard for over a year), Sour Cream and Onion, Triple Nacho Cheese,  Sizzling Mesquite BBQ and Original.

And somehow manage to pack less then 100 calories in a 2 Cup serving and less then 3 grams of fat.

Can I get a raise the roof?!

I’m not going to lie, if you’re looking for a potato chip, these aren’t them- everything about them is lighter and airier which I just love.  Not to mention that it was a Canadian mother/daughter team who made this great snack.

I’ve managed to sample the BBQ, Salt and Pepper, Original, Dill Pickle, Ketchup, and Triple Cheese.  Every time I eat them I feel like I’m eating something bad for myself.  It takes me back to the days where my metabolism was soaring and it didn’t matter what I ate– Good thing with these snacks is that you can have those guilty pleasures again without the guilt.

Do I recommend you hunt down these snacks? Yes- of course I do! The one thing I would tell you is not to buy the Original- they’re just kind of boring- my favorite is the Salt and Pepper- just enough of a flavor that you are eating something, but not enough of a flavor that you can’t dip it into anything else (hummus, salsa, veggie dip- you get the picture).

Happy Snacking Friends!

The location to buy CheeCha Puffs depends on whether you’re in the United States, or Canada– make sure to check it out before you head out on the hunt!


11 thoughts on “Hola Mi Amigo: New Favorite Snack

  1. i wish we didn’t have to order them online!! not fair! they sound amazing. i just read your last post…i’m having the same debate, does dairy give me acne? bc it’s hard to tell…when i was vegan i was also anorexic and therefore had like NO hormones going on and had perfect skin. now i’m at a healthy weight and have the worst skin i’ve had in my life! can i blame it on yogurt which is pretty much teh only dairy i eaet on a regular basis? i sure hope not. i LOVE my yogurt

  2. I will have to look into these munchies. I used to munch on Chicharron back in the day (they’re really popular in the Philippines)… It’d be interesting to taste the comparison.

  3. Hey!
    i just came across your blog and i really like it, i can’t wait to keep reading and follow it!
    i would love it if you could check out mine and follow as well 🙂

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