Vegan Vednesday, all ovah again, jah.

Ohhhh looky, looky, it’s Vegan Vednesday all over again- it vas fast approaching and I managed for ze second veek in a vow to put it in ze calendah in my cell phone, jah.

So ven I voke up zis morning at 5am, I had to go teach ze bootcamp jah- it vas ok- starting to get a vee bit chilly vich you vouldn’t know by vatching the Olympic Games, jah.

I came home from ze bootcamp to drink ze pot of coffee I’d prepared for myself, jah, and zen I went to run because you know what I had on tonight?! Zumbaahhh jah, it vas so much fun- not ze run, but ze Zumba- jah. I think you should all give it a shot on ze next day zey offer it in your city, verever that little place may be.

So I vill keep it short as ze post for ze Vegan Vednesday is very complex, jah.  Today vas a good day- I got ze paper done I’d been working on, and I’m finally starting to feel like I’m getting my life back on track, jah.  I’m looking forward to the upcoming veekend, and vill make sure to have plenty of stories to fill your little blogger veadah vith, jah.

I hope you’ve all had a fantastic Vegan Vednesday- Don’t forget to enter ze GiveAvay!

Ze corn thins, featured again in one of ze posts on my blog, jah
tofu toast, wis ze almond buttah and ze jam, jah
Ohh looky here, ze peanut sauce from my fihst Vegan Vednesday
ze corn thins I eat on ze regulah basis, jah

Ohhh looky here, ze corn thins- I’ve got to make a little, teeny, tiny side note here jah, I actually made myself not vun, but two corn thin sandviches and I ahlso snacked on ze dried fruit with ze almonds.

Eat, Drink and Be Vegan cookbook for ze Quinoa Casserole recipe, jah

Ze Quinoa dish I vas talking about in ze other picture, jah

I actually snacked on a bowl of cereal and only a couple bites of zis at dinner- I got caught up wis a bunch of different zings, jah, like ze Zumba class I vent to.


13 thoughts on “Vegan Vednesday, all ovah again, jah.

  1. haha love ze post 😉 thanks for posting a pic of the corn thins!! i’ve been wondering what brand you eat…they look great. everything looks yummy, especially the pb+j tofu – so clever and lots of protein!

  2. Ze zumba is so fun, no?

    I’m glad to see you are enjoying Eat Drink and Be Vegan. I love the chickpea quinoa casserole. Did you make the Balsamic Maple Sauce to top it with? It’s awesome!!

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