Gold: check. Silver: check. Bronze: check. Repeat.

I’m back from my ventures in Vancouver- and I cannot tell you how much fun I had! And to top it all off, Canada won their first gold medal on home turf- third time is apparently the charm- loved it!

Let’s get straight into it. Money shots:

Our beloved mascots.. swoon
Spot the Sweeds-
OZone- bedouin soundclash played a free show here
At the OZone

Just doing a rowing race- standard night out in Vancouver

They ran out of beer- epic fail- we didn't go in

At the O-Zone, outdoor skating in 12 degree weather!

Skating in the middle of down town
First Stop of the day
art- I can't remember more then that- they looked pretty cool though
chocolate. from the people who do it best..
unreal in real life
me taking a photo of liz taking a photo of the torch. ha
the goods
These two people made my day- just meditating in the middle of chaos

Recap of my meals- sorry no pics- they weren’t that fabulous anyways..

Saturday afternoon/evening:
myoplex lite bar
3 corn thin sammies with AB/RFJ
Celery and tomatoes
3 slices of ordered in Pizza, 2 glasses of vino and some chocolate- yeah, yeah, what health nut?!

Fruit salad and a banana with nut butter

Breakfast for Olympians- plus nut butter- obvs

Sushi- 4pc dynamite roll, veg roll, 2 chicken yakitori skewers,  1/2 choc covered strawberry
Chicken chili with salad and 2 pieces of home made bread, a Valentine’s piece of chocolate cake with some ice cream- there may or may not have been added chocolate afterwards- it was a day to celebrate my love of chocolate- in all forms!

Hope Everyone has had a great weekend- I can’t wait to catch up on your blogs tomorrow!

What’s been your favorite Olympic event so far? I personally have enjoyed mogals, but I can’t wait to see Patrick Chan- the 17 year old (he’s young- probs not 17, but still) Canadian kid take the ice- he’s like the next Zac Efron.. hahah


8 thoughts on “Gold: check. Silver: check. Bronze: check. Repeat.

  1. How cool!! That is so much fun that you get to be right there in the heart of things!

    I love ice skating and snowboarding. I am really excited about an ice skating contestant that went to my high school!

  2. you know why i wish i was canadian? you guys get claim to lululemon! wow, all the pics are so gorgeous i don’t even know where to start. question: which one are you? blonde or brunette? either way, both of you guys are beauties! what a fun trip, congrats to canada on winning gold!

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