GIVEAWAY: Chocolate. Because it’s a health food.

I eat at least one piece of chocolate each day- I’m not talking Hersheys or Nestle, I’m talking dark, rich, deeply delicious chocolate.  Chocolate that makes you swoon because you’ve never had anything that good.  I wasn’t always this way- I used to think a kit kat was it for me, until I started to cheat and dabble in the world of organic chocolate.

The chocolate bar I always reach for, the one that’s always in my cupboard (there’s three right now, not just one) is made by Denman Island Chocolate.  They make rich, delicious chocolate, that I somehow become very, very bitter without.

A little history lesson for you all.  Denman Island is a small island off the coast of Vancouver Island (where I live), in BC, Canada. The company was created in 1998 by a couple who left big city life for something a little more rural. On an island that is home to many organic farmers markets and art galleries they found just that.   Having already seen the need for farmers and produce met, they decided to start making organic dark chocolate, which they discovered as the perfect pick-me-up for long bike rides across France.

Dark chocolate is not only great for snacking on during long rides it’s also, believe it or not, a health food. Dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants, 8 times more then strawberries (source).  It’s also great for helping to lower cholesterol, and lower blood pressure improving our cardiovascular systems.  I think one of my favorite parts of dark chocolate is that it makes me feel good, why? It actually contains serotonin, which is an anti depressant that our body produces naturally- but still something that we can always use a little more of!

Another great thing about chocolate- for you health nuts- is that it’s vegan, low on the glycemic index (somewhere close to oatmeal) and is loaded with vitamins and minerals (source).  You can’t really go wrong with this for your sweet treat.

Because I love Denman Island Chocolate so much, I actually emailed Daniel to see if he would be willing to send me some chocolate so I could give you, my lovely readers, a sample of something that I love so much on a Holiday that celebrates love and chocolate together, Valentine’s.

What’s in it for me? Nothing.  What’s in it for you? Chocolate. Denman Island Chocolate has given me two prize packs.  They each have 6 bars (Cocoa Loco, Simply Dark, Cool Mint, Zesty Orange, Espresso Chunk and Toasted Hazelnut-my current fave) and a dark chocolate heart in each one.

How to Enter:

  1. Leave a comment here telling me: your favorite chocolate bar combination (chocolate orange, chocolate and banana, etc) AND your favorite thing about the Denman Island Chocolate web site.
  2. Link this blog post back from a blog post of yours
  3. Follow me on Twitter
  4. Add me to your blogroll or G reader and let me know
  5. If you don’t have a blog– I won’t exclude you- follow rule number 1 and tell me how much you love me (ha)

Make sure to enter before Feb 28th- Nothing beats starting a new month as a winner!


118 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Chocolate. Because it’s a health food.

  1. I love the products use high quality ingredients and are certified organic which is really important to me when choosing products, especially chocolate.

    I love chocolate and raspberry together – the tartness of raspberries with the sweetness of chocolate is perfect!

  2. chocolate and peanutbutter!!! a match made in heaven 😉 i love how the nutrition facts are right there next to the product. you don’t have to go digging for them!

  3. I would go with simply dark because I’m simple.
    I like their site setup a lot. Especially the way the nutrition info comes up. Very cool!
    We’re already Twitter friends and I plan on linking to your giveaway tonight.

  4. I loved learning about the Denman Island Chocolate factory on the website. Not your typical factory – and that’s a GOOD thing!

    My fave chocolate combo would be with almonds 🙂

  5. I love the way the chocolate bars pop out on the product page, and that the nutritional facts are right there (nothing to hide!) I love chocolate and hazelnut as well! No blog to post this at, but I’ll be following on twitter!

  6. i love dark chocolate too! wayyyyyyy better than milk or white. right now i am digging my dark chocolate with almonds and dried cherries, but Rosemary and Gingerama sound super interesting and yummy!

  7. I love chocolate raspberry combination. However, I love to melt dark chocolate and dip any type of fruit in it, and pop it in fridge. One combination that I never get tired of is banana and chocolate…yum!

    My favorite thing about the website (and the company) is that they are commited to the environment.

  8. This is a seriously wonderful site with the ingredients and the nutritional info along side the differing flavors of the chocoloate offered.

    Me I love the combo of Chocolate and Caramel or the combo of Chocolate and Mint.

  9. i love dark chocolate with nuts any kind of nut just nuts on the site i like that they give you the nutritional information on the items

  10. The website is simply gorgeous, very well done. I love the tribute to Ruth, very touching!

    I recently had a bar of dark chocolate with earl grey tea leaves in it that was simply divine, it was in my local specialty food store over the holidays….guess I have to wait til next Dec. to find another one!

  11. Chocolate and Peanut butter.
    (I may have just drooled)

    The entire Denman island website is gorgeous, but of course the pictures of chocolate bars is out standing.

  12. My all-time favorite combo is dark chocolate & mint; never been a fan of super-sweet candies.

    They have a beautiful website. I love the nutritional content info..nice to know my treat will include fiber, protien, calcium & iron.

  13. My favorite: dark chocolate + espresso.

    My favorite thing about the company: “we cater to those who love their chocolate dark and organic”.

    Thanks for a sweet giveaway,
    The Nutrition Nut

  14. favorite chocolate combo: dark chocolate with sea salt.
    I like their pictures of chocolate in their website, they made me crave more chocolates! 😀

  15. I love any combination with dark chocolate, but my favorite combo is orange. I like the colors on their website and that it is so easy to navigate.

  16. My favorite is chocolate with a coffee flavor or nuts.

    I really liked how the company got started by a family wanting to provide a good environment and health for their sons.

  17. I like how the nutrition facts are easy to find on their site. My favorite chocolate bar is a combination of milk chocolate and almonds.

  18. I just started following you on my g reader!

    Chocolate w/caramel, chocolate w/strawberry, chocolate w/chocolate. Hot damn chocolate is GOOOOOD.

    I’m a big believer in organic and natural products.
    And the dude on the website is a silver fox.

  19. I love the mint & chocolate combination…or coconut – that’s very a close second.

    I appreciate that Denman Island Chocolate includes the nutritional information for their chocolate. Nothing to hide in those bars !

  20. I love chocolate and coffee together; yum!

    The Denman Island site is beautifully designed and i love the organic information page. It gives good info without sounding preachy.

  21. I love toffee + chocolate. Cavity-inducing deliciousness.

    It’s great that you can take tours of the factory. That would be fun!

  22. Coffee and chocolate? Mint and chocolate? Orange and chocolate? They all make my mouth water.

    I love the fact that they are organic and are made with at least 60% cocoa. Nothing is better than some good ol’ dark chocolate.

  23. Wow that chocolate looks fab!!!!!!! I’m totally a dark choc lover, mint choc is my favorite then again any dark chocolate I can quite happily eat! Your already in my blog roll but I’m guessing I’m to far to take part anyways damn it! x x

  24. hey girlie :] you’re already on my blog roll–fav combo of chocolate & something is DEFINITELY chocolate covered strawberries ❤ yummm.
    I don't have twitter :[ i can't afford to get sucked into another time-consuming website! hahaha

  25. hey! i found your lovie blog through becca @ Becca and spice blog, and i love it! and this is such a fab giveaway! my favorite chocolate combo is definitly chocolate + coffee espresso beans i think that ties with chocolate and marzipan ❤ ! ohh ahh but on Vday i had Theo chocolate "bread and chocolate "dark chocolate, i died. seriously amazing, french baguette crumbs in it, like pain au chocolat in a bar!!! yummzz :]

    i am now following you btw 🙂


  26. Oh my word — dark chocolate is my favorite and the only kind I will eat! My favorite combo is dark chocolate and orange.

    My favorite thing about the website is the design. It is so clean and easy to navigate.

  27. …and since I don’t have a blog, I just wanted to say I LOVE all your pictures, esp of the Olympics. How fun that you get to be there!

  28. chocolate and peanut butter!! Yum 😀

    I love their site, the chocolate sounds amazing and I just looked up where I can buy it locally and found a store just a few blocks away!! Definitely headed there this weekend to pick up the Gingerama bar 😉

  29. Because I’m a coconut addict, dark chocolate with coconut would be AMAZE, oh, throw in some pnuts in there will be ZOMG amazing!

  30. I love chocolate and mint, and I also love how they donate a portion of their proceeds to environmental causes. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  31. I love your blog because you’re generously giving away chocolate! (of course that’s not the /only/ reason)

    Favorite chocolate combination: dark chocolate + whole hazlenuts. Mmm.

    Favorite thing about the Denman Island Chocolate website: I like their explanation of the “chocolate factory” and the conditions in which the chocolate is produced.

  32. OMG. This just totally reminds me of home. I’m so homesick for the islands lately.

    ChocoMint is my fave choco combo…hands down.

    The website is lovely and I actually just love their main screen. 🙂

  33. & chocolate and peanut butter are my fave chocolate mixes- orange and chocolate is good too! the thing i love bout the site is the photography and cool fonts

  34. Dark chocolate and almonds, pecans, walnuts, macadamia – any kind of nuts – is always my fave! I love that the Denman Island chocs are all organic – wish I could buy them somewhere in my state! 😦

  35. My favourite chocolate combination right now is chocolate and salt (often pretzels). My favourite thing about their website is their description of Denman Island, because it reminds me of my trip there a few years ago. It’s a beautiful place. I wish I’d known about the chocolate factory when I was there.

    I don’t have a blog, but I love reading yours (especially the yummy recipes).

  36. Wow, how have I not entered this already?? My fave chocolate bar combo is currently chocolate and sea salt. Ah, heavenly! I loved how the Denman website shows you all the flavors and the nutrition facts are right there. Neat-o. The rosemary one sounds fascinating!

  37. I don’t twitter or blog but I deserve these chocolates because when I ask (countless times) for Denmans Chocolate at our local Dad’s Nutrition they keep saying “Deadmans Chocolate?!?”
    I like how kind the man in the picture looks and love the name Ruth.
    I love chocolate and coconut

  38. My favorite is dark chocolate covered cherries!
    What I like about the site is the statement on their commitment to the environment.

  39. Oooh, you already know I LOVE this chocolate! I’m still nibbling away at one of those hearts, I’m trying to stretch it out! I also totally fell in love with the website when I first checked it out. It’s now my dream to go visit this “chocolate island” 😉

    The rosemary chocolate bar intrigues me – I want to try that one!

  40. What a fabulous giveaway! Chocolate, chocolate chocolate!

    My favorite combination is chocolate and orange. My favorite part about the website? The fact that it says, “Welcome to chocolate nirvana” immediately upon visiting 🙂

    Looooove it! Thanks for the opportunity!

  41. To restate the above two points: You do not have to count calories, but try to make all of your calories count! Don’t just munch on pretzel because they are low in fat, choose a food instead that is low fat plus low GI.
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