22k? Check.

After snacking on a quick half banana and peanut butter I got the pleasure of running 22km today and I couldn’t be happier to have that behind me!  It took us an 1h58 minutes and I’m not going to lie- it was painful!

Even though we were on target for our time and our pacing- we had a couple intervals thrown at us right in the middle, as well as an added 30minutes to our longest run to date, so for me to say it was breezy would be the biggest lie I could tell. AND I failed to eat enough breakfast- or take a loser belt (water belt) and ended up feeling like a loser for not having it.  First thing I’m doing is heading straight to the running store and picking one up before next week!

After my run I came home and managed to have 1/3C egg whites, 1C Spinach, Goat Cheese and a couple bum slices of toast from the Squirrely loaf tucked away in my freezer.  I was starving, and bitter and was in need of not only that, but also am in need of a big ass soy misto (for the ferry).

I’m off to take on the Olympics today- did anyone see the ceremonies? What did you think?

I thought they were pretty good- I never like opening ceremonies anyways, so I don’t know why I expected to like them just because they were Canadian- They were good if ceremonies are your thing, but there was a pretty dark cloud looming over them after the Luge accident (so, so unfortunate).

Hope everyone is off to a great start on their weekend- I’ve got my own little V-Day treat for you tomorrow- not to mention the Olympic Weekend Roundup!


18 thoughts on “22k? Check.

  1. Congrats on the 22k! I’m curious about those water belts- how much water do they hold/are they annoying to wear? I always just leave my water in a random place on the street

    1. They just make you look like a loser- I’d recommend getting one for your marathon though- especially for your long runs- I’ll make sure to find a good one and let you know which one to get- I’m on the hunt tomorrow!

    1. They’ll be able to ski- the temp in the city is way warmer then on the mountains- I think the journalists are blowing it a bit out of proportion- I did get some awesome photos for you to check out though!

  2. Ooh, sorry the run left you feeling bitter. Hope the pain subsides fast.

    I watched part of the opening ceremony because I heard the music was so hyped up to be awesome. I frequently channel surfed onto other shows and napped to stave off the boredom. Never heard the awesome music that was allegedly going to happen. Oh well. The luge accident was so sad to hear about, though.

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