ThaiStyle B-Roc Slaw w/tofu

As yesterday was vegan Vednesday, I was in desperate need of a vegan lunch, so I did what any other girl skipping school would do- I went hunting for that peanut sauce I saw on someone’s blog a month ago.. It didn’t take long though, it was Heather who had the peanut sauce that inspired this whole mix.

HealthNuts HEAB-style Peanut Sauce

2T peanut butter
2T water
Juice of half a lime (fresh)
1T soy sauce
1/2t garlic (diced up or minced)
1t ginger grated up
1 mini squirt of Agave Nectar

Directions: mix, mix, mix until smooth- add the water last and then mix it to your own desired consistency.

I ended up heating up my broccoli slaw and cooking it half way through, taking it out of the pan, and spraying in some olive oil spray to crisp up my tofu- once my tofu had lovely brown edges, I then added my broccoli slaw back in and poured on some of this lovely peanut sauce- I had leftovers and have been dipping all sorts of veggies in it ever since!

Have fun kids!


6 thoughts on “ThaiStyle B-Roc Slaw w/tofu

  1. Yum, this is awesome. I just tried broccoli slaw for the first time last week and wasn’t sure what to do with it. I went the BBQ route but will most likely be going the Thai route next. 🙂

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