Giveavay Vinnahs

For ze tea giveavay zat I did back on Januvary Sirtyfiihst, ze winner of ze two tea tins is RHEA who said

“A tea shop in my city makes a delicious strawberry sencha. Smells like the Bubble Yum of my childhood and doesn’t even need sugar! I would love to be able to sample more teas; like you, I’ve always got a cup of tea close by throughout the day.
Sadly, not planning a trip out the the BC area (I’m in Boston). I’m bumming now– Silk Road looks so fun!”

Ze second vinnah for ze tea giveavay, ze one tin of tea and passes to ze Silk Road Tea Tasting is (I sought about it, and put all of you lovely veadahs into ze draw- zere was still tea to be von) is Asheli ze Vegster, who said:

“I adore tea! I love trying new kinds since I drink about 3-4 cups a day at least! The Rooibois sounds really really good too.”

Congratulations Girls! Email me your mailing info so I can send your tea to you- Ashlei, let me know if you still want the tea tasting pass as well- I can always find someone from a local blog and pay it forward. (sorry- can’t keep up with the Sveeds on that)


5 thoughts on “Giveavay Vinnahs

  1. hahaha i love that your svedish accent isn’t restricted to vensdays! congrats to ze veeners! our girl ashlei could use a win right about now, she’s got some stress going on in her life! tea is the perfect relaxer 🙂

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