Loverly Days

Hey friends.. miss me?! Look where I’ve been… !!!

After a lovely 24 hour vacay, I’m back, feeling refreshed and almost as good as a fifty dollar bill (jokes- million, but fifty sounds more accurate after that night- damn student budget!)

I woke up this morning to a very unhealthy breakfast of croissants and eggs on ww toast, which I loved and failed to take photos of- I realized it once I was staring at an empty plate.  We made our way back to civilization by about noon.  I’m not going to lie, nothing beats an expensive hotel room on the beach and waking up to room service with a hot tray of goodies to snack through- I could definitely get used to it!

After I got home, I noticed a little brown box outside of my room- could it be?! My secret bloggie Valentine?! Yes, yes it was! The lovely Ariffa from BellyLove had put together a great package with my favorites: new tea, chocolate, soap and a mug.  All new products to try, three of which are getting used tonight (tea, chocolate and mug- the very mug I’d been eyeing at Starbucks too!).  Big shout out to Ariffa, Thank you!

Once I got done opening my gifts, it was time for a workout- weight workout. I’ve been failing in this department for the last month and decided after reading and being inspired (by April) that I would get back to it.  I did a full body workout- I only have time to do two weight workouts a week, so need them to be full body, and I’m into that.

I had a quick snack of some carrots and mini can of tuna before heading off to the post office since there were more treats in store for me (the luckiest girl in the world)! And what was it? Nuun.  Review and giveaway to come.

Dinner tonight was broccoli-licious- I had some broccoli slaw (thai style- with goat yogurt dressing), steamed broccoli with a bit of goat shredded on top and one and a half chicken sausages made by a local guy in town- all organic and delicious (to say the least).

I hope everyone is having a great week- remember- tomorrow is Vegan Vednesday, a spinoff of the blogosphere hit, Vegan Thursday.  For those of us needing alliteration- or wanting to write our blogs as if we are Sveedish- tomorrow is our day.

Also- tomorrow is my draw for my tea GIVEAWAY– if you haven’t already entered, enter away and get your name in the draw- it’s going to be good!


19 thoughts on “Loverly Days

  1. Andrien your gift looks awesome! I havent received anything yet and the person I sent mine to a week ago hasnt written me or posted about it so I have no idea what’s going on 🙂

    Coconut oil & the best thing to use it on you asked? Girl you can use it on just about anything from dry hair to dry skin to as a replacement for butter or cooking oil or in recipes…it just goes on and on. 🙂

  2. oh shit thanks for reminding me about vegan vensday! let’s hope i don’t forget againt omorrow morning when i reach into the fridge to grab yogurt–must htink of something else! BEAUTIFUl pic, so glad you got that mini vacay you were in desperate need of

  3. Wow that dinner looks so good! I so can’t wait to receive my secret valentine gift. I’m loving your blog too you’ve gone straight onto my blog list, yay! x x

  4. ohh fun vacay!!! so glad you had a nice time away 🙂 its always nice to get away isnt it?

    you asked me about CLA supplement. To be honest I have never taken it so I can’t tell you from ‘personal experience’ anything about it. I know that many studies have been done in animals talking CLA and has been positive, but the evidence in humans is controversial. CLA is known to reduce body fat and target abdominal fat. it takes about a month for CLA to start working in the body. There aren’t really any negative side effect besides possible diarhea, but nothing major. I would so some research on your own about this supplement and see waht time of day to take it an what proper dosage you need!

    1. Fantastic info, thanks for getting back to be Naomi! supplements are such a funny area and business- I’m not too big on them but I saw Janetha had tried them and wanted some more info on what they were all about-

  5. I’m with you! I love love love staying in a nice hotel and just letting people take care of me 🙂 Glad you had a good getaway!

    1. Vegan Thursday is just a day where people eat Vegan- nothing spectacular behind it other then having an animal free day- it’s a fun challenge for those of us who eat meat- and exciting for the vegans to have us try their lifestyle- I have no idea who started it- which is why I made up Vegan Vednesday- it’s funny and there’s alliteration- two very good things in remembering to participate- welcome to the blog world!

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