It’s Vegan Vednesday, jah?

I’ve been vaiting for thees day for almost a veek, jah, and you know vat I said to myself ven I voke up this mohning? It’s Vegan Vednesday!!!!! Time to save ze world and ze animallls!

I ate my oatmeal with my nuttah buttah and then vent on a valk vith a friend, jah. Ven I came home, you know vat I said? It’s Vegan Vednesday!!!!!!

It’s very hard to talk vith a Sveedish accent for a whole blog post, jah.  But it makes it zat much more fun, for you, ze readah.

Aftah I got back from my valk, you know vat I did? I vent to ze gym for a run on ze treadmill.  I vant to go to Zumba tonight, jah, so I had to get my vun in ze ehhhly paht of zee daaaay.

I find as long as you have tofu in ze ‘idge, and a bit of ze nuttah milk for ze coffee,  Vegan Vednesday is easy to do, jah.

Happy Vegan Vednesday to all my Vegan and non Vegan friends, jah!

Don’t forget to entah in ze Giveaway, zat is for ze tea from Silk Road, I vill draw a vinner later today, jah.


7 thoughts on “It’s Vegan Vednesday, jah?

  1. hahahha!! guess what, it worked! i voke up this morning and remembered “it’s vegan vendsay!” success!

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