Congratulations are in Order

Janetha, from Meals and Moves, got engaged! Congrats girl!

So exciting for her- I can’t wait to see her wedding photos, and then her baby photos, and then her twin photos.. just kidding!

Did anyone else get up to anything that exciting over the weekend?

As mine was dominated by school and wine- too much at that! With the way my life has been run recently, I thought I should take a couple days off and actually spend some time with my boyfriend.  So in a couple of hours we’re going to be driving off to Sooke for a hike on the west coast of the Island (Vancouver Island, that is) and then staying at Sooke Harbour House for a little R&R- apparently they have some of the best food in the city- I’m sure it won’t be up to our health standards, but somethings you have to let slide- regardless of Mexico and bikinis creeping up.

It’s been an insane month for both of us, we’ve been living in the same city having a half ass long distance relationship.  Our schedules have been all over the place, mine with school, volunteer and work and his with the three courses he’s been taking, work and sports, it’s been a bit hard to say the least, but I’m excited for the mini vacation in store. Check out their web page- we’ll be saying in the Hummingbird Suite- my photos tomorrow won’t look half as good as those.  Needless to say, I’m excited for today and tonight- no phone, tv, or computer- sigh

I got up this morning after a pretty lame sleep, I went out for an hour long run and tried to lift some weights, I’m not going to lie- I did them half ass and lasted about 25minutes- better then nothing, but I need to get on my weight training- I’ve let it slide and I’m starting to feel weak again (enter April for inspiration)- I’m going to try and add two days of full body circuit training to my schedule. I just need to make it a priority- like school (hah).

Breakfast this morning was 3 corn thins with AB and half a banana on top, and half a mango.  I suck at picking out mangos- I want a big juicy one and keep bringing home mediocre ones that are kind of hard and not very sweet.  Tips?

Something funny about mangos and how I eat them… I eat the peel. Does anyone else do that? It’s kind of peppery and tastes great with the mango itself (when ripe).  I started doing this when I was in Fiji about 5 years ago- the kids would pick a mango and eat it like an apple, so what did my girlfriend I do? Pretended we were blonde, white, locals and did the same.. now I can’t stop.

What’s a strange habit that you’ve picked up while traveling and just stuck with? or just one you’ve picked up along the way (cereal and ice cream perhaps.. cucumber and peanut butter.. you know)?

Hope everyone has a fabulous Monday- I’m excited to have an adventure to share with you tomorrow- until then..

[Side note: Don’t forget about my GIVEAWAY– The winner will be announced Wednesday!]


14 thoughts on “Congratulations are in Order

  1. I’ve never thought about eating the peel of a mango. But, I do it with kiwi, apples, and squash so why not?!
    Hmm a strange habit I’ve picked up is putting nut butter on everything: veggies, fruit, any grains…its so versatile 🙂

  2. i know it’s so exciting about janetha!! and exciting for you to have a little getaway with your man, it sounds like you could really use a break. have fun and ENJOY, a great meal isn’t going to do a thing to your bikini figure, and you should live it up!

  3. Very exciting for Janetha! And for you too! I hope you have a great time with your manperson. It sounds like you both need to get away. The hotel looks beautiful. Eat lots of yummy food 🙂

    A weird thing I do is pick the cheese off pizza and save it to end at the end. I’m gross.

  4. Hey girl! Just found your blog through Susan’s, awesome to see another West Coaster. I am awful at bringing home mangoes too – my mom is from Jamaica and is the best at it, I need her to properly teach me the tricks of the trade.

  5. I’m so, so, so overjoyed for dear Janetha!!! She deserves the best, and I hope her future husband is half as lovely as her!

    Haha, I eat the peel of mango too! not the whole thing, but I suck on it. My mom thinks I’m crazy. Glad to know I’m not the only crazy one!

  6. Hiya! Just found you via Susan’s blog. So fun to find someone else from my beloved island! (of course, now I live in Halifax but come home and post about Victoria and Nanaimo as often as I can!)

    Love Sooke Harbour House. Love!

  7. Hey girl! Thanks for your sweet comment! I do indeed have a tip to ripen up those mangoes, if your mango is still hard tuck it under a bunch of bananas for a few days and it will ripen up a treat same goes for avocados. I love the combo of almond butter and cucumber, I can’t eat peanut butter! I also love salt and vinegar crisps with chocolate, that is a total indulgence I feed like twice a year! hehehehe x

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