Fool that I am

I’m such a fool- I apparently sent my secret bloggie Valentine to myself- although I would LOVE to keep the wonderful treats inside- I will have to head back to the post office to resend the package.. that I mailed off YESTERDAY!

They set it up on the envelope so it says From then To, and normally when you write a letter, those are in the opposite places- FML- I’ve caught myself once doing this, but somehow feel that it will now stay in my memory bank forever. ugh

On a happier note: I got my bikinis from VS.  They are so cute! One top is a little big for me, so I don’t know whether to send it back or not, or just keep it.  It’s still wearable, just not very slutty (which is important on family vacations without your boyfriend, right?!).. or maybe it looks like a 12 year old bikini top.. the latter being more accurate.  Exciting none the less.

Woke up this morning in hopes of heading for a jog, did not happen, I slept from 9:30pm last night till 7:30am this morning, I could not believe it, and all I wanted to do was stay in bed all day.

With all my good intentions of doing Vegan Thursday- I ended up making an oat pancake for breakfast, starting the morning off with a fail in that department.  It was delicious and exactly what I was craving.  A girlfriend and I were talking about this Vegan Thursday thing, and decided we might try for Vegan Vensday instead, a bit of a nicer ring.. not to slam the Vegan Thursday people, I just need some alliteration to remember these things.

I trekked off to school and was pretty hungry by 11, so ended up snacking on a pear and an orange, I got a bit lazy and didn’t feel like whipping up my soup either, so instead went home hungry (something that’s not on the mini meal plan).  I really need to be more organized for this to work out.

I came home deciding whether to run, or eat some lunch, I decided lunch was my best bet, otherwise I’d spend the whole time running thinking about lunch and inevitably bonk.  So, I ate a very snackish/all-over the-place lunch.

I had three corn thin sammies with AB/RFJ, a bit of granola, half a chicken breast and some pumpkin seeds.  Like I said: all over the place. I was hungry and decided I might as well fix that, since I was about to head out on a run right around meal number 3 time (47minutes of glory in the sun- and a 30min superset circuit) and had to come home, quickly refuel and head out again to teach bootcamp tonight.

When I got home, I had a little mexican turkey taco salad (on Spinach) with goat cheese and guacamole to top it off- I may or may not have sprinkled some fritos on there as well to get my corn/salt fix.

After dinner I sat down with a girlfriend and watched my favorite run of hospital shows- which I live vicariously through- I think I like to pretend I’m either Lexie or Addison, depending on which show we’re watching- though Christina is a close second.  Total guilty pleasure, but I loved it.

To celebrate my week coming to an end I also munched on some delicious banana bread and chocolate chips- I know, wild! I always have bananas around and never seem to make loaves for myself- they always either go bad or into the freezer and forgotten about until I make the next one, cookies on the other hand never seem to make it to a container where they could be stored- unless my stomach counts as one.

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Thursday, vegan or otherwise- how do you feel about Vegan Venesday? too much? too soon?

Also- What’s your favorite ‘goto’ baked goodie?? (microwaved items don’t count!)

Last thing, make sure to get your name in for my favorite tea GIVEAWAY and to vote for Jenn’s dream wedding (from eating bender), it’s like we’re winning it for everyone here- we’ll all get to see pictures!


13 thoughts on “Fool that I am

  1. hahaha vegan vensday, i love it! i think i’m going to hop on that bandwagon bc i always have great intentions of doing vegan thursday but then forget! doh! i can’t believe you mailed your bloggie valentine to yourself, that is classic!

  2. I love VS bathing suits! I ordered some last year and the top didn’t fit me either (but I exchanged it) 😉

    Vegan Vensdays sound good to me, although I participate every day. If you like oat pancakes you certainly don’t have to give them up- maybe you could try banana/flax/nut butter in place of the egg?

  3. Healthed-up taco salads are the best! Yum.

    I’m terrible at baked goods. I just never make them. I really love my mom’s homemade cranberry or pumpkin bread though – its delicious with some orange cream cheese on it. Yum.

  4. Ah! That salad looks so good! I have to admit I giggled about the package sending mishap–that totally sounds like something I would do–bet you were psyched to get it in the mail 🙂 And don’t worry, if you miss Vegan thursday or whatnot, you can always join me for meatless monday! xoxo

  5. hahaha bathing suit tops must always be slutty 😉 aka i buy the ones with the most padding. i love vs suits – some are so cheap i can’t believe it!

    mexican dinner looks great! love goat cheese

    1. Well- better at the beach then in one of our classes (it happened two weeks ago to a woman- she didn’t notice either). And yes, anytime you’re around, you can pop by for a class on me! The video of the kinds of classes we do is way back in my early posts or on youtube if you search “BDHQ The Drill” you can check it out- I’m not in it though so don’t go looking for me!

  6. Chocolate Chip Cookies! I even found in my Betty Crocker Cookbook (yes, I bought this when I first starting living on my own ’cause I couldn’t boil an egg!), you can reduce the fat and calories by uing 1/4 flour and butter and use 1 cup mini morsels. So delicious!

    Return the top! VS is super quick on returns!

    1. I will never judge anyone with a Betty Crocker cookbook- us bloggers would have a whole lot less work to do in making the world a healthier place without her- and her cake mixes are fabulous in a pinch!

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