True School Romance

I don’t know what it is about setting people up, but it’s way more fun then homework- or what the prof is teaching me.

I spent my morning/afternoon stuck inside the dungeon that is my classroom not paying attention to anything going on in class because I was too busy cruising all the guys on my facebook in hopes of setting up my friend (who was sitting beside me- helping me hunt).  Do you guys like to set people up? For whatever reason, I do.  I don’t even like to set people up who I think will work well together, I just like setting people up so they can practice dating and then if it works it works.

I’m not a good friend that way (but I am in so many others which makes up for it!).

Today I tried something new, I microwaved my broccoli at school with a bit of water in it, to make (drum roll..) steamed broccoli- and you know what? It turned out, and turned out way better then I could have imagined.  A couple Tbs of water and into the microwave with the lid on- 2.5mins later it was steamy and a little over cooked- but I was just excited about the novelty of this new find!

I had my steamed broccoli with a lovely Nile soup, getting in all 30% of my sodium count for the day.  I’m not going to lie- I love salt, and that’s just life for me.  Before lunch though I had a little grapefruit as an appy- it was good, but by the time this meal rolled around I was ready for it.

After lunch I was back to, or continuing setting up my friend (in class- paying attention like it was my job to what she wanted in a husband- perhaps tomorrow I will listen to the prof- probably not though).  I was still a bit hungry after about an hour or two so ended up having a cashew lara bar. I’m not going to lie, I was unsure about the Lara bar initially, but I’m right on board with them and may be picking up a pack next time I’m out at costco- or pulling a Susan and making my own- she seems to think they’re easy- the idea of dishes are daunting to me and holding me back.

After coming home, I had to get my stuff organized for run clinic, I was a bit hungry so ended up snacking on about a 1/4C of homemade granola with a kiwi before heading out, and I’m glad I did.  It was my first time running, what is known locally as, The Three Sisters.  It’s seven hills and by the time you’re done you’re definitely feeling it in your legs- and lungs.  I was happy to have had my Three Sisters cherry popped though- TJs for Jenny, Running lots of hills for Adrien.. Good day.

Dinner tonight was a mix up in my steamer of cauliflower and broccoli (don’t tell me- I know, crazy!) with some baked chicken, goat cheese and a little brown rice on top.  It was good, it doesn’t look good, but that’s life sometimes.

After I managed to chow this down, I cooked up a cup of tea, had a granola bar that my sister in law dropped by today and will probably nosh on a pear later- I’m feeling like I could be hungry.

Mini meals are going well so far- dinner though I kind of cheat cause I load up on veggies- though I don’t know if it’s cheating or not, they’re still good for me, so I’m saying no.  This girl needs a big dinner!

Don’t forget to enter my tea GIVEAWAY, it’s important that you do, so we remain close friends and can share secrets like yummy tea flavors.

How are you at setting up romance? Or are you more of a why-would-I-set-you-up-when-I-can-date-them-myself kind of girl (I think I used to be when I was single)?


9 thoughts on “True School Romance

  1. lara bars are awesome! i have a lara bar related bit of news coming up in teh next few days :). how mysterious. lol, you set your friend up on fb in class? nice! i rarely get to set people up, but it’s fun!! steaming broc in the microwave is hte only way to go!

  2. I love setting people up! I’ve set up most of my friends and three of them got married and two are engaged! I’m like Jane Austen’s Emma always setting people up, except myself. haha!

    Glad the minimeals worked better today!

  3. Good job on the run 🙂 I sort of like running hills…not that I really have a choice

    I’m not very good at setting people up OR dating people myself. *Sigh*

    I love Larabars- my favorite is the PB cookie. That’s a good idea to make your own!

  4. I WISH I was good at setting people up! My bff needs a bf badly! Shes too picky!
    Those hills sound killer. I’m way jealous of all you people running…I just can’t do it when its under 30 degrees. I can do high 30’s + sun but even thats pushing it! Can’t wait for warmth.
    I think you chicken+veggies dinner looks and sounds awesome!!

  5. Haha, some of my friends used to try to set my brother up with other people, and I got annoyed…you know, the protective older sister thing.
    But I’ve never tried setting people up myself.

    Wow, awesome run. I wish I had half the power as you!

  6. I always microwave my broccoli at home (because I’m lazy) and am always shocked that it turned out so well, too. I love those Nile cups! I used to have them all the time for lunch in high school, but completely forgot about them, thanks for the reminder!

  7. want to set me up? thanks 🙂

    i always bring frozen broccoli in a tupperwear and “steam” it in the micro at work. such a good way to ensure i get greens during the day.

    and i dont think loading up on veggies is a cheat. i have the motto of VEGGIES DONT COUNT!

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