You want Me, to do What?!

I went to yoga today, incase you didn’t know.

It was a moderate/vigorous vinyasa flow class.  I love yoga, don’t get me wrong, but I am the LEAST flexible person (other then the 57 year old guy coming from his desk job) in the room.  I got to class with a lot of energy, feeling like today was my day for some breakthrough of sorts-even though I only go twice a week- instead the bar was just raised a bit higher.

Yoga isn’t supposed to be about what you can or can’t do in the class- it’s more about being there and taking a step forwards to something new.  I, however, don’t want to step; I want to leap, or bound or maybe even fly there.  Turns out that didn’t happen for me today.  I can’t even point my toes while in some crazy lunge to fling myself back into plank. That just wasn’t going to happen.  I can imagine how it feels though (good) to be able to do something like that.  I’ve never been able to do the splits- my physio says I will never be able to do the splits; but the yoga teacher seems to think I could do them in the air with practice.

Needless to say I will believe the yoga teacher.  And I will keep trying to touch my palms to the ground with straight legs (or my toes comfortably for that matter) and hopefully, I’m praying that I will be able to do the splits.

I will email you all a photo when that happens.

As I’m following a “strict” marathon plan- yoga was all I did today, tomorrow we’ve got a crazy hill workout that I’m sure I will brag about when it’s all said in done.

Onto the eats:

Lunch today was a spinach salad with olive oil and balsamic dressing, orange, and 2 corn thin sammies.

Although the Larabar is in the photo, it didn’t get eaten.  I got home early and was able to whip up a bowl of 1/3C goat yogurt, 1/3C bluebs, 2T rice crispies and 1T granola.  It hit the spot.

I think adding those corn thins to my lunch made my day a whole lot less hungry- and maybe my body is finally, I don’t know (dramatic pause) adjusting?!

Dinner tonight was straight up delicious.  I finally roasted my Kabocha squash and had probably about half of it (heaven), with a small can of tuna and some more spinach salad (topped with a bit of goat cheese, salsa and beans) and a small piece of my dad’s freshly made bead (something about fresh baking I cannot resist, not even a bite!).

*sorry about the funny coloring (my bad!)

Don’t forget if you haven’t already, make sure you enter into the tea GIVEAWAY (There are two winners- one local and one international)

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure style of fitness?  I love salsa DVDs.. nothing makes me feel sexier (HA!)


5 thoughts on “You want Me, to do What?!

  1. I always eat half the Kabocha squash (or the entire butternut). It’s just so good

    I’m going to do yoga while marathon training too! I’m hoping it will help me recover but I doubt I’ll be able to do splits in the air

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