Operation Mini Meals

Alright- I’ve done this mini meal thing before, and I have had success, but I’m not going to lie, it takes a little bit of adjusting.

First things first, timing.  If I eat breakfast at 8 (lovely overnight oats inspired by Brittany), meal number 2 (early lunch? or lunch..) needs to happen by 11:30- 12 at the latest.  I got that pegged.

I had a nice spinach salad with tofu, red pepper, 1/4C brown rice and reduced balsamic for dressing.  It was good. I ate my orange right at lunch as well to satisfy my sweet tooth, and I was full, not overly so, but enough.

Then came meal number 3- this one confuses me.  It’s mid afternoon, I’m still at school, I could have a snack in an hour at home that would be so much better then anything I take with me on the road, and dinner is coming up- slight panic, nothing major, but slight.  I decided that since today was my pilot day, I would have some veggies and a lara bar (peanut butter) at 3.

Bad news- wasn’t enough food.  I came home at 4:30 and was still hungry.  So, I whipped up two corn thin AB/RFJ sammies and had two small squares of dark chocolate (the only “added” sugar I’m allowed during the week on my resolution plan– you’ll see me break it in a week or two).  I felt totally fine and content with this snack. It took off the edge before my dinner that was at 6.

Dinner was BBQ chicken (lemon/thyme) with lot’s of spinach salad and half of a yam cooked up into cheetahs (love you Snackface, Happy Birthday- check out her page for her awesome bday goodie giveaway!)- delicious and nutritious.

I haven’t decided yet if I’ll have another snack or not- we’ll see if I get hungry- if I do, it’ll probs be yogurt and blueberries with some granola sprinkled on top (homemade)– fear not, I’ll keep you posted.

How have mini meals worked for you? How long does it take for you to find the balance when switching from your old meal plan?

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8 thoughts on “Operation Mini Meals

  1. I’ve tried mini-meals before but it wasn’t very successful for me. I just like eating large quantities of food haha

    I haven’t had cheetahs in forever! Must get more sweet potatoes…

  2. yummm! your meals look fantastic, overnight oats are the way to go! that salad look so great with the balsamic drizzled atop!

    as for the PB2 you asked me about…I would give it a 7/10 It depends how I use it. I like it mixed into things like shakes or oats or smoothies. But I would never make it on its own and spread it on toast in place of the real thing, if that makes sense. I like to have it in my kitchen though!!

  3. I haven’t tried that Larabar before. Any good?

    I prefer minimeals because I feel much more energized throughout the day and I’m never hungry. Maybe your body just needs to get used to the new plan?

  4. I kind of naturally eat mini-meals because I get hungry usually every 2.5-3 hours! I usually try to have a mix of veggies or fruit, carbs and protein (usually) but sometimes its just a diet soda and baked chips. 🙂 Hehe.

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