Fridays Confession

I cannot believe it’s Friday already- I didn’t even post yesterday- let a lone take photos of the ridiculous amount of cookies I ate- that happens though- It’s crunch time at school, my period may or may not be coming, and my first love, the best love of my life thus far and I broke … More Fridays Confession

Bowl Of Sunshine

Today is going to be a good day.  I feel it! I woke up this morning and snuck in a run, it was amazing- and I need to brag about it.  I was running through the streets of our neighborhood making my way towards the beach- I just go early enough that by the time … More Bowl Of Sunshine

Weekend of Randoms

School is going to kick my ass this week- so expect more sporadic posts- I think I’m going to try for every second day- just to give myself a fair shot at what I need to do- sorry for the inconvenience to any of you who are living life daily for my posts- it must … More Weekend of Randoms