Want to run in the rain through the ugly part of town? OK!

Yes- This banana is the same length as my forearm- I'm 5'9 just for reference

Can you guess what I did today?!


I woke up at the ungodly hour of 7 this morning, still kind of a sleep in, but after a night of night sweats and bad dreams- it was 7am was not a good hour for me.

Half of the freak-show nanner
Got up, managed to nosh on a banana and a skiff of PB- I really did not want to eat this morning, but knowing that I had to run 1h30 today, I ate the nanner like it was my job! We managed to get 16k in this morning (that’s 10miles for you Americans– the easiest distance to translate!) through the ugly part of town- parts of it was nice and along the ocean, but most of it was random streets looping through strange neighborhoods I’d never been. When I finished up it was about an hour or so before my favorite yoga class was going, so you know what I did? I shoved the other half of banana in my mouth and ate a simply bar and took my ass to class- or took it home and dried off and then took it to class (75minute flow).

Before yoga was about the only time I felt hungry all day, I think it’s a combination of cramps/eating a lot of food recently that has just made me not feel like consuming much food.  Needless to say, I came home from yoga feeling kind of off- didn’t want lunch, but knew if I didn’t eat it I would be a bitter girl (to say the least).  I quickly whipped up a bowl of broccoli with tofu and had a corn thin to go with.  Nothing fancy, just a small meal to get me through the afternoon tea tasting.
Went to a tea tasting today- was brilliant- treats to come for you!

After the tea tasting I had a quick soy africano and noshed on a brown rice flour cookie before settling into some homework.  That’s all my life is right now, homework and working out with a splash of boyfriend and friends on the side when life decides to be fair.  This has seemed like the busiest school month- next month I’m looking forward to writing three papers and then skipping off to Mexico ready to get a tan-

Dinner tonight was a simple one: lentil soup with 2 homemade biscuits and 1 bread stick.  I thought I could stop at 1 home made biscuit, but white flour is so good- and I’ve been so good this weekend (other then last night).  So ate that delish supper- full of comforting goodness and then sat back down to my two assignments that I’ve been working on- how yoga has been impacted by global communications (essay- feel free to comment and advise here); and fringe communities on the internet (I believe we are one as health/foodie bloggers- we are basically like H core gamers- again, advice I’ll take it).

Oh- one more thing for you to check out- Heather’s POM giveaway, which looks delish- and again, I hope that I win and you don’t- but it’s worth entering since, believe it or not, I don’t control that!

After a cup of tea, I decided to have a little snack of 1/3c goat yog with 1/2C bluebs and a sprinkle of granola- and perhaps another brown rice flour cookie- it was good, I loved it- want more, but will have to wait for tomorrows delights… my stomach is still a bit off- but I’m hoping tomorrow it’s back on track.

Sorry for the unexciting posts recently- as you can imagine, my brain is fried and I’m doing all I can to make it through these last couple days to have succeeded in posting each day of the first month of my blog.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend- make sure to stay safe, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do (basically anything- including lighting yourself on fire at a bar- though, I would not recommend it – unless you’re 19 and in Australia– I used to be a wild memory maker.. not so much anymore.. loves!)


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