B&L- Forgot the rest

Hey Guys, this is going to be a quick one- I don’t know what happened to my day, but it started and it ended (almost) before I could blink.

530am- woke up and went to work

730am- sipped on a starbucks soy afro with sugfreevanill

8am- ate some OIAJ – FINALLY (I’ve been waiting all my blogger life for this–28 days to be exact)

9am- Tony Horton and I made sweet, sweet love as we did plyos together in my basement and then I hung with the core fusion team for some abs and arms

1045am- Physio with my favorite woman in the world- she told me stories of her 6year old doing yoga and just loving it– I explained my religion theory to her, and I think she agreed- it’s a good spiritual outlet.

12pm- Broccoli, Tofu and AB/RFJ corn thin sammie

1pm- 2 hour power walk, hills galore

330- pear snack and grocery shop to pick up some goodies for pizza dinner

5pm- peanut butter pretzels and chocolate snack, because I felt like it

6pm- super yummy pizza and wine dinner followed up with fro yo and pear/apple crisp

8pm- watching Fame and thinking about how long my day was and all I did/didn’t do– kind of fuzzy from the wine and thinking about bed as I’m up again early tomorrow for an hour long run

815pm- boozed up order of Victorias Secret Bikinis

830pm- blogging and watching corny movie.

Sorry I left out pictures of the snacks and stuff– damn wine made me forget- and yes, I will blame it on the alcohol Mr Foxx.

Who’s got the wildest plans this weekend?! Obviously I don’t–

I’m off to a tea tasting tomorrow and will have quite a bit to share with you tomorrow.  Loves!


4 thoughts on “B&L- Forgot the rest

  1. haha your night sounds like mine. i had good intentions to go out tonite but yeah…not so much any more!!!! tomorrow tho for sure! have fun at your tea tasting, that sounds delish. i love tea!

  2. Don’t worry, my plans aren’t wild either. In fact, I don’t have any plans cuz we’re snowed in over here!
    I still need to try OIAJ…

  3. It actually sounds like the perfect Friday night to me! I’ve been really jonesing for some red wine which begs the question as to why I just haven’t had any! I’m going to get on that…maybe not right now, at 11 am, but soon…

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