Snackface- I think I love you

Today was a big fat Vegan Thursday fail.  I tried- and by tried, I mean I wrote it in my planner- but before I knew it there was yogurt in my bowl, and I was pretty sure the spoon had hit my mouth while putting it in the bowl- but I tried.  I did do a vegan lunch, and hopefully next Thursday will be a Vegan Thursday- it’s in the planner.

Lunch today was a nice big salad with an orange and a simply bar.  Nothing wild or crazy, but something a little lighter since I ate quite a bit at brekkie and didn’t feel the need to go overboard at lunch.  While my plans failed to come to fruition on my workout, they did happen when I decided yesterday that today I would try my very first protein cake (thanks to April).  I didn’t love it, but it definitely hit the spot with a little PB on it, and that was all I could have asked for.

Afterwards, I got busy becoming the best girlfriend in the world cooking up a batch of whole wheat raspberry (and chocolate chip) muffins for the manfriend to take on his surfing trip in the morning. The recipe is pretty good. No sugar added (other then the chocolate chips of course- but they weren’t called for), and you could adjust the flour to make them all whole wheat or spelt of whatever you make desire!

Since my Real Simple magazine finally arrive in the mail- I could finally bust out one of their recipes- they have a series of recipes all under 400cals.  I went with the spinach and salmon recipe with a side of Cheetahs (I’m determined to get going on all the bloggers lovely tips and tricks- this one was INSANE!).

If you have not had these things called Cheetahs, I don’t think you are living your life to the fullest. They are chewy and crispy, salty (if you salt them) and sweet.  I was in heaven. I could probably consume an entire baking sheet of them and maybe one day I will- tonight I didn’t have that pleasure.

I have one word of advice for you this evening. Stop whatever you are doing and head on over to visit Kaileys site and get on this- go. now!

What’s the best recipe you’ve come across through blogging? Right now the Cheetahs are rocking my world.


8 thoughts on “Snackface- I think I love you

  1. I ordered Real Simple from a magazine service for $5 over Christimas and got a postcard saying I wasn’t going to get my subscription. IM PISSED. I want my simple recipes damn it. Yours meal’s so awesome!

  2. Don’t worry about the vegan Thursday “fail!” I’m just happy that people are trying it 😀
    Cheetahs are really good. The best thing I’ve discovered from the blog world is probably oatmeal. It’s not a recipe or anything…but I had never eaten it before reading blogs!

  3. Mmm….cheetahs…

    I think the best recipe I’ve gotten from blogs is not as much a recipe as a technique – massive veggie bowls topped with some type of protein, hummus, and hot sauce ala HEAB. Yum. 🙂

    1. I haven’t given up on the protein cake just yet– I’ll give it a few more shots– I’ll be wearing a bikini in a month and I’m sure I’ll be eating protein cakes all month long!

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