My four day week is finally coming to an end!

After my track workout last night at run clinic I was so tired, I couldn’t be bothered getting on here and typing out a simple post, so with my breakfast this morning, here’s a recap from last night– Curry!

I don’t know if you’ve people have heard of Vijis, but google them, look them up and hunt them down! It’s the best curry around, and those of you who are lucky enough to find their frozen entrees at their local delis, pick it up! I had in my dish some chicken masala, black chickpeas, sprinkle of brown rice and lettuce.

Then there was salad to go with dinner, a little spinach with bluebs, fig goat cheese, candied pecans (maple/balsamic- heaven!). I apparently couldn’t get enough spinach yesterday! After dinner I was still hungry, don’t know what was up, but I snacked on a few almonds and that still didn’t do it, so I had a little bowl of yogurt with bluebs and granola sprinkled on top.  That took care of things, but I have been so hungry lately, I don’t know why.. stress or activity level I think.  Regardless, I don’t like the feeling of being hungry. I’m kind of considering switching up my non existent meal plan to something that resembles 5 small meals a day.  I did it once last August, but I missed having my big meals. I think the key though is to load up on veggies at dinner and then it makes you feel like you get a big meal with out the added cals.

Something I’m thinking about.  How do you time your meals through the day?

Continuing with the theme of hunger- I woke up this morning hungry and tired and cranky.  I’m a mess right now. I slept in, didn’t workout and ate a huge breakfast.  Here was my first round-Then my second round was another three corn things with AB/RFJ on it as well.  It was delicious and super filling (after round 2) which was just what I needed.  I’ve packed an orange, salad and a simply bar to take to lunch today, and am now shifting my workout to be later in the day before I have to goto work (and run with the bootcamp clients)- which I won’t complain about, I’ll just do.

As I sat around eating my breakfast, I started to think about heading to Mexico (which I’m doing March 6-20), I’ve never been, so am kind of excited about it. I’m looking into ordering bikinis off of the Victoria’s Secret site-  are they good? and fit true to size?

So many pressing issues I have to deal with–


8 thoughts on “Done-zo

  1. Lately, I’ve upped my workout load and have been feeling hungry all day, too. I don’t know that I ever really figured out this meal timing + office work thing! The problem is, I don’t have much of a window to eat dinner between work and evening workouts (swimming or running). I need to find a good pre/post workout snack/dinner strategy. I’d love to hear any good suggestions, too!

  2. I don’t like feeling hungry either 😕 People always said to me when I was training for my half marathon, “Oh you’re so lucky, you can eat so much now.” I actually hated that part! It’s not a good feeling to never be satisfied.

    I love V.S swim suits! I have at least 3 🙂

  3. i really like VS bikinis! when they have free returns you can order whatever and ship back what doesnt fit.

    during the work week my meal times are pretty set…830 breakfast, noon lunch, 330ish snack, then dinner whenever i get home (7-8ish typically). but sometimes i get hungry/snacky and then i try to eat a veggie or something filling!

  4. That salad is a beauty.

    I am hungry CONSTANTLY throughout my day, and because I’m a teacher, I can’t really eat when I’m hungry (the teaching is less effective when I’m talking with my mouth full. ;-)) so I eat when I can. Lunch break, kid’s recess and after school. Obviously breakfast and dinner when I’m at home, too.

  5. your breakfast looks so awesome! i think your activity level def is making you more hungry. my dr just allowed me to start more exercise and ive defintenly noticed more hunger.
    victorias secret swim suits are awesome! thats all i get lol but yeah they fit true to size. some of the tops can be a little smaller

  6. Wow that salad with the blueberries looks SOOOO good!!!
    I love VS bikini’s! Reminds me I need to order some too! Yeah I think they fit true to size, haven’t had a problem in the past 🙂

  7. I eat about 3-4 hours apart with an even portion of carbs, protein, veggies (or fruit). Keeps the hunger at bay.

    Never ordered from VS, but I like Old Navy for swimsuits. I wanna go to Mexico and pass out on Tequila.

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