Fires at gas stations and other such fun

After I left you this am, I burned out to school, not literally if that’s what you’re thinking form the title, but close.  We’re cruising along with Jenna (a carpool friend) points out that there’s a fire at the gas station.  From a far it looks like the gas station is going to burn down, maybe explode, but we don’t really know.  No one else seems to notice the fire, and there sure aren’t any sirens coming.  As we get closer we realize there was really nothing to worry about, it was just some propane company lighting a fire on the gas station property to have a photo shoot.  Safety first people, safety first.

Once I got through my morning at school, which has nothing of great excitement to share with you, I got into things by destroying my lunch the three hours that surrounds noon.  God forbid I have to sit there and have nothing to do.  I started by grazing my way through my orange, adding my tuna to my spinach and red pepper salad, snacking on an apple and then finishing up with the traditional corn thin AB/RFJ sammie.  So good, and what was even better, we got out an hour before we were supposed to!

Once I got home, and settled into writing an article for my media class (which I’ve tied into and upcoming giveaway), I thought it was time for a little snack.  I was heading to yoga 2hours later, and I’m kind of funny about eating before activity, I need either to workout super early and not eat anything or have it timed about an hour and a half before.  None of this snack and go for me.  I’m too sensitive to deal with a pit in my stomach on a run or downward dog.

At the start of class I was thinking to myself uh-oh, but by the time I got into things and my first downward dog I felt pretty good.  It was a moderate/vigorous class which was a surprise to me, but it was nice to get lot’s of sun salutations and chaturangas in on the mat. I was starting to miss my weight workout (before marathon training I was doing way more weight workouts, and now I’m trying more cardio and yoga- it’s good, but just takes adjusting).

I came home today from yoga to a fresh loaf of rye bread from the best bakery in town.  I was in heaven! I manage to have a couple pieces with dinner, and then may or may not have had another piece with peanut butter and RFJ on it afterwards- I’m not telling or counting though! haha

Dinner was awesome (as you can see). It was a spinach salad with mint, strawberries, candied pecans and goat cheese and a chicken sausage.  I dressed my salad with reduced balsamic, flax seed oil, lemon juice and pepper.  It’s my all time favorite salad, and highly recommend it, like dessert in salad form, who knew that could happen apart from fruit salad?! Or ambrosia?

What’s your favorite salad combo? And secondly, what’s your favorite bake sale item?

Speaking of bake sales, tomorrow the Bake Sale for Haiti will take form, and you could win some of my fabulous black (chocolate) and white (vanilla- pointing out the obvious) rice (and other cereal/things) crispy squares.  Yes, it sounds like a long title, but I will tell you right now, no one in the world makes a better rice crispy style square then me!  Something fun for the highest bidder- they’re getting Stoneyfield prize packs- so not only can you win delicious baking, but also yogurt, balance out the treats with something healthy.  Check it out, and bid high! All the proceeds are going to American Red Cross.  I know that the Canadian government is matching donations that people make to the Canadian Red Cross- is the American government doing the same?!

I’m out of here friends, tea and trash tv calls my name.


7 thoughts on “Fires at gas stations and other such fun

  1. Your salad does look awesome- so colorful 🙂
    I’m the same way about eating before exercise. I need to digest otherwise it’s cramps everywhere!

  2. Heyy! I just came across your blog and I love reading it! I can’t wait to follow it!
    I woul love it if you could check out my new blog and follow!!

  3. I definitely had a bowl of peas yesterday also. They’re so good – especially sprinkled with some garlic, lemon juice and red pepper flake. 🙂

    Have a great Wednesday!

  4. whoa scary about the gas station, i would have freaked out. good thing it ended up being ok! strawberries + spinach is a combo i keep seeing today, and every pic makes me want it even more, yuM!

  5. I think I’m winning your treats! I bid on them but I didn’t notice the thing about you not wanting to ship to the US…sorry about that! They sound delish.

    1. hey girl, you lost by 50 cents, it was an ace attempt! but you’re linked to me anyways today since it’s your first bday and all, I could use a “not my birthday” birthday gift!

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