Good Morning Sunshine

Isn’t it funny how many of us always start with the weather on their blog?  Maybe you don’t, but I guess since I’m “newer” to the scene, it’s my go to.  Like talking to people you don’t know, or more specifically to seniors. I need to come up with something new.  Strike one first thing in the morning.

I woke up this morning at the ungodly hour of 6am and rolled myself out of my bed and out the door for a light jog, every step felt like an hour.  I have no idea why it felt so long, but I was happy to lie down on the floor when I got home for my abs (corefusion body sculpt abs- thanks melissa- I now feel weak!).

As I sat down to my bowl of oats (1/4c oats, half scoop protein, chia, cinnamon, 1/3C bluebs, half banan, pb/ab combo and bran buds) I was dreaming of giveaways to do and people to touch base with over the last little while. I got to thinking about how bad I want a vita mix, then to answer my prayers as I was going though my google reader, I found a giveaway that could be life changing.  A vita mix giveaway?! Say it aint so!

Wanted to share with you where you can find it.. Chocolate Covered Katie is your girl.  So there you have it friends a little gift from Katie to me to you, and to be honest, I hope that you don’t win and I do-

Hope you’re having a super sunny Tuesday where ever you are (STRIKE TWO! with the day of the week! brutal! ha ha)


5 thoughts on “Good Morning Sunshine

  1. I definitely mention the day of the week in every single post. And people definitely know what day it is, haha. It’s okay in the morning, we’re all still wishing we were in bed right?

    Good job on the a.m. workout!

  2. i really really like your mug 🙂 and that bowl! you ahve very photogenic food vessels! i always b*tch/rejoice over the weather in my posts haha

  3. Hey there, you’re definitely not alone on the day and the weather mention! Its tough not to!

    Last night we ended up watching “Sunshine Cleaning” which was really good. I have seen “Butterfly and the Diving Bell” and I agree – it is a wonderful movie. So inspiring!

    Hope you have a good afternoon!

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