Enchilada Monday

Getting greener…

This was a highlight for me today.  Over the weekend with all the talk of the two gums happening (around various blog sites), I decided to purchase them, and Monday morning was not going to be that plain old bowl of oatmeal, but something bigger, something better… something (wait for it).. greener.  I managed to whip this bad boy up in my magic bullet, I had to add a bit of water and spinach, blend it, then add more spinach, blend some more and then add some more spinach and blend it before adding the rest (1/2 banana, 1/3C bluebs, 1/4C soymilk, 1 scoop brownrice vanilla protein and the gums).

Success (or close enough!)

This morning I started my day with a lovely run and some abs before coming home to my lovely breakfast that was all goodness and health.  I thought to myself spinach would be the best brain food to keep me on top of things for my mid term I had this morning. You’re probably wondering if it did, and I don’t know.  They exam is over, the breakfast was delish, I will have to wait until next week for further reporting on the “does spinach make me smarter” subject.

After I left school, I came home and whipped up a quick lunch of Enchilada insides (1/3C chicken) and a big bowl of broccoli with a bit of cheese and mary’s crackers on top of it.  I finished my lunch and was still a bit hungry so I had a shoved some granola in my mouth and before I knew it I was off power walking up a hill with a girlfriend.  It was so sunny and warm outside (for January) that I couldn’t resist, that and it was a way better option then homework!

I came home, did a little more work, whipped up a snack of pear and a simply bar.  If you guys haven’t had them, you need to try them, they’re insanely good!
After my snack I continued with my homework I avoided earlier (check the excitement in my day, ugh!) and then went off to teach a bootcamp. I snuck in another little run for about 25minutes with the group before making them run hills as I watched and cheered from the bottom!

I came home to the same dinner as last night (this time with photos) and am finishing my house with a little Buried Life and House (and tea and dark chocolate).  Wild night for a wild girl.  Sorry I can’t be more exciting today, my brain is fried! Tomorrow will hopefully be slightly more entertaining- fingers crossed!

What’s your favorite appliance you have?! I’ve been craving a vita mix like you wouldn’t believe!


4 thoughts on “Enchilada Monday

  1. I also want a vita mix so badly!! I think about it every morning when I’m craving a smoothie, but don’t want to break out the blender.

    Thanks for the bar review…I’m always looking for good finds!

  2. No apologies necessary! Your eats look delish and that’s exciting enough for this foodie! 🙂

    Congrats on having the test behind you. Must feel awesome.

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