Thank god it’s Friday again! It’s nice that we get a Friday every 7 days, I’m not sure which day is better though… Friday or Sunday.  Mondays a clear loser in that race, but Friday and Sunday could be debated.

Breakfast this am, I decided to get online and watch Kath’s Oatmeal Pancake Video (1/4C size), and whip up an oatmeal pancake like you wouldn’t believe.  I was shocked at both how easy this was, and how delicious it was. Oats and egg whites; peanut butter and banana.  That simple.  That was my first recipe from Kath for the day.

After brekkie I decided to whip into shape with a little cardio weight training circuit.  Something I don’t talk about often is how/why I like to work out.  I’m not working out for rippling muscles, or anything of the sort.  I just lift weights because it’s important for me to be strong in my day to day life.  I’m a trainer, so I should be able to get down and give you 30 plus pushups if you asked me to, and if you were my trainer, I would appreciate you being fit equally.

My workout was done in about 1h20 and it was time to quickly eat some lunch and get to doing some homework. I was supposed to head up to the mountain to go skiing this weekend, but unfortunately for me, I have to study for a midterm I forgot about until two days ago (which is on Monday).  So over the weekend you’ll be hearing me whinge a lot about it.  I had a quick corn thin sammie and some grapes and then went downtown on a study break.

After I put in a couple hours, I somehow managed to end up at Lululemon treating myself to a nice new sports bra, tank and long sleeve- for my training (of course). It just so happens that I work right beside there, so as I picked up my pay cheque, I went next store and spent it all- so bad!
I was starving this avo, so I snacked on a bar from my studio.  I was so hungry I went whey.  I don’t usually like to, but I figured it was a better option then a cookie, so stood by it.

Tonight was a girls night, filled with a couple bottles of wine and all kinds of treats (as you can see), we had a couple different cheeses, crackers, olive bread, hummus, black bean and corn salsa; all organic and so delicious.  I was feeling like I was about to have a food baby when all of a sudden there was an ice cream bowl beside me with my food baby’s twin in it.. it was the least I could do…

It was a lovely evening of girls, wine and food.  Nothing I can complain about at all.  Tomorrow morning I’m up early for my marathon clinic, so I wanted to be home at a reasonable hour to get some good rest before heading out with my new favorite 45year old men and running partners!

Hope everyone’s had a fantastic Friday, don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY, I’ll be drawing names by 3pm on Sunday– and remember to check out the Bake Sale for Haiti, we’ve got to do what we can, because if it were us, we’d be praying for others to do the same.

What’s your goto girls night dinner dish?  We like to throw things together and have appies and wine, followed up with anything that resembles ice cream- or chocolate!


5 thoughts on “TGIFA

  1. I think Thursday should be in the running for best day. Just saying.

    Your girl’s night looks great! I’d agree with the apps and wine and then yummy dessert approach. I’m also a fan of homemade individual pizzas with various toppings. And wine. And dessert. 🙂

    I hope the marathon clinic went well. Good luck with studying!

  2. haha i love nights like that with the girls, just tons of food and wine. so fun!

    AND i have to go with fridays. and saturdays. i actually sort of dread sunday nights because i am always so bummed and resigned about the weekend being over!!!

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