Hometown Boys

I don’t know if you’ve all heard about these guys (Ben, Johnny, Dave and Duncan), but I went to high school with them.  Ben would sing sweet songs in chemistry (on the days he wasn’t outside playing baseball- in plain view of the class) as I would blush and try to copy the notes down.

I wanted to share with you my new favorite clip of the boys, because they are the nicest, most genuine guys you’ll ever meet. I don’t know one person who’s said anything bad about them, nor do I know one malicious thing those guys have done or said.  It’s just nice to see good guys succeeding at being nice people and getting recognition for it. They’ve been working on this project for close to 4 years (could be more), and have finally had success, I am proud of them, and wanted to share something with you as their show now airs on Monday nights on MTV.

Now you can tell all your friends when you’ve watched it, that you kind of know them to.  Funny how small 6 degrees of separation is.


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