Million Things Thursday

Sorry for such a late post, usually I’m a bit earlier then this, but I’ve been hard at work for a few surprised I have coming your way in the near future!

I started my morning today with a 43 minute run, then did some abs and got my life together to head out the door for school.  All was good until I realized I didn’t take photos of lunch, basically ruining your day (ha!), but needless to say I managed to get a shot of breakfast in (same as the last two days- I get stuck in these patterns- tomorrow I’m wanting to try Kath’s Oat Pancake for my first time) and a shot of dinner- the rest of my day was a mystery.. oh the suspense!

After I had my delightful breakfast, I decided to whip up the remainders of my taco mix and put in on a bed of spinach with some avocado for lunch.  I then decided to skip off and enjoy the rest of my day instead of sticking around class all afternoon (sorry Jenna!) because I had more important things to do.. like hunt down core fusion body sculpt and see what the hype was all about.

I found it only after two stores, and it was the last copy hanging around, but for $12, who was I to say no?!  I picked it up and went home to settle in with a cup of tea and a snack before giving it a run for it’s money.  I snacked on 3 corn thin sammies– I microwaved them for 10secs each- so good (Ridiculously how good hot AB/RFJ can be!); then went on down to my “gym” and popped in a dvd I thought would be easy.  3lb weights= easy (in my mind), so of course I went for the 5ers.  Boy was I wrong! After about thirty seconds of arm pulsing the FML self talk started going and I had to rest… Then I would go again for about thirty seconds, and rest, and go and rest, and go and rest- that was the first ten minutes. The rest was about the same, to the girls doing the Core Fusion Challenge, I salute you!

After I finished wanting to die in Core Fusion (my easy afternoon workout cause I was bored), I quickly emailed a few people and sat down with 1/3C goat yogurt and 1/2C berries before heading out to teach bootcamp.  I stood at the bottom of the hill and watched my clients go up and down and continued to stand there while instructing them on pushups, I was tired just watching them!

I came home from bootcamp, not too exhausted or hungry, like I wish I could say, to sit down to a little bowl of last nights dinner and this: 1/2C egg whites, 1 egg, 1.5C spinach, grated goat cheese and 2 corn thins with only a “little” bit of ketchup– I need to find some reduced sugar stuff because apparently I can give up ice cream, but not ketchup!

After dinner, I made myself a huge cup of peppermint tea and enjoyed a lovely piece of Denman Island Chocolate as I watched Gray’s.. oh the drama!

Today was a good day, though I’m thankful it’s over, tomorrow is a day off which I’m looking forward to like you wouldn’t believe- a little sleep in, oat pancake, yoga perhaps?!

Don’t forget to post on the GIVEAWAY post for your chance to win a whole lot of crackers- The draw goes Sunday at 3pm (Pacific Standard Time) and don’t forget about the Bake Sale for Haiti. xo


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