Fun Fact Friday

Did you guys know that 9% of women never diet?!

Is that shocking to you? Why or why not?

And to top that off 1 in 3 women go on a diet more then 10 times in their lives.

It’s funny when you look at those numbers and then look at the definition of “diet”.  The word comes from the Greek word “diaita” translating to a manner of living and then in the 13th century that word turned to be all about food and how much or how little we were getting.

At the top of google when I search the definition of diet I am told that it is a prescribed selection of foods, and I don’t think it matters who’s doing the prescribing.  Doesn’t that mean we’re all, in a sense, on a diet?  Everyone has their sets of beliefs around food, and with the amount of information out there it can be pretty intimidating.

My food philosophy is based upon my happiness and how I feel.  If were happy eating junk, maybe I could keep up with that, but the truth is it doesn’t make me feel like I’m performing (emotionally, intellectually, physically) at my best. When I eat lot’s of sugar, dairy, and processed foods, I start to feel lethargic, and my skin starts to loose its glow; when I drink (party girl style- and I’ve put in my time on the dance floors) I often get pretty depressed and down for sometimes two or three days.  I’ve learned over the years that being happy, and healthy is more important to me on a day to day basis then splurging and not feeling great for two days.  I don’t think my diet today is at an optimal level, but I don’t really think I need to be there, I’m still working to find my balance and what works for me, but over the last few years I’ve learned quite a bit about what that looks like.

What’s your food philosophy?

(Last thing, don’t for get about the GIVEAWAY and the Bake Sale for Haiti)


2 thoughts on “Fun Fact Friday

  1. Hey there – thanks for the facts! I can’t say that I was shocked. My food philosophy is definitely focused on making me feel and operate at my best. I love having energy to exercise and be the best I can. For me, that means staying away from as many processed foods as possible and eating lots of fruits and veggies. I definitely am not into deprivation though and certainly indulge when I so desire!

    Thanks for your post! I am currently going to school part time to get my MBA while working full time. Its tough, but definitely worth it. I’m about halfway through – 1 year left!

    Have a great night! 🙂

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