Hump Day Eats

Today got off to a rip roaring start that involved me teaching 5:30am bootcamp.  I like to think of myself as a hero for getting up that early, but by the time it’s over, you’re really just starting to wake up.  On days like today I spend my morning in a foggy state (even having downed an entire pot of coffee before school), and feeling like eating lunch at 10am.  Breakfast was the same as yesterday (half a banan, bluebs, half scoop of BR protein, 1/4C oats, chia seeds, AB and a sprinkle of bran buds (love a crunch).

I managed to wait though, until 12pm on the nose to have my lunch.  It was a salad with leftover chicken and avocado topped with reduced balsamic and the juice of half a blood orange (I didn’t have lemon juice, and in my foggy state I thought orange would work better than lemon.. wasn’t bad).  I also brought a bag of veggies, grapes and corn thin sammies to snack on as well (standard).

(salad glamour shot)

After lunch was said and done (and school for that matter) I came home and did a little exam prep for my midterm coming up on Monday, made myself a little snack of a corn thin with turkey taco mix, goat cheese and avocado on it (1/4 of an avo all day), it was delightful, but not delightful enough.  I also added a couple pieces of Jessica’s Kitchen Protein Crunch (3, since I’m sure you’re wondering..)

I left my momma at home to continue working on my quinoa minestrone (adapted from the Clean Eating Cookbook), she had only gotten as far as the “holy trinity” of soups before I left, but when I came home to my delight there was heaven waiting for me in a bowl!

So yummy! Once I get the recipe sorted, I will be sure to post it up!

I topped mine with goat cheese (obvs) and spinach and had a kiwi to kick my sweet tooth. It was so yummy after my nice track workout (ugh- I was hoping for hills!).

Hope everyone’s made it through their hump days safe and sound.  I usually am a fan of salads and tuna after night workouts, so soup was a little different for me.

What’s your favorite post-night-workout meal?


4 thoughts on “Hump Day Eats

  1. what a wonderful lunch you packed – so healthful!

    i like to treat myself with a little dessert after a good workout but meal-wise, I really like sushi or pasta! 🙂

  2. Mmm, that packed salad is a beauty! Post workout meal is always breakfast for me (since I work out in the AM…but it usual involves some kind of nut butter)

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