Tuesday, another check in the box

I woke up this morning at 7- so had a bit of a sleep in, but sleep did nothing to keep away the Tuesday Blues.  I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s school, but life just seems to drag by.  It doesn’t even make sense either because I’m so busy between everything that I’ve got on.  Maybe it just feels that way because I’m uninterested in what school is offering me right now.

Who knows?! Just a little hump, but at least today’s school day is over, and there’s only two left until the weekend (woop!).  Even thinking of the weekend gets me excited, so that may just be my problem- 5 hour days at school with 4 hours of lecture to go with (thank for the hour lunch RRU, pffft!)

I was up at 7am and decided to bust out a little power yoga for 50minutes from the Eoinn Finn hip opener DVD.  I’m obsessed with sun salutations, so I spent the last ten minutes just going for it.  The video was playing along some seated poses and I was in my own little world.  Loved it!

After I got to school I had a little lunch which consisted of last nights leftovers as well as some grapes, veggies and two corn thin AB/RFJ sammies.  It was lovely.  Along side it I sipped on some ginger yogi tea which I’m in love with right now, if you haven’t tried it, do it.  They have cute little quotes on the bag tag and for your first box or two you’ll get a little pick me up from them.. I’m on what feels like box one million and I still do.

Once I got home, I had a snack of grapes, almonds and a corn thin with PB and RFJ on it before heading to the gym for a little circuit training and pilates abs, nothing crazy to report though, just another workout in another gym.

Dinner tonight was a lovely taco salad with a buck brand orange afterwards, so good! As I gear down for tonight, I’m looking forward to some sleepy time tea, house and blog reading (way better then perez).

What’s your favorite thing to checkout online? Since I’m new to this whole bloggie world, I’m loving the different food blogs and exploring it, as well, the sartorialist for amazing photos of good looking people around the world.  Something about looking at good looking people, so fascinating!


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