Good morning! Happy Hump Day, one and all!

There’s something I want to share with you all, something that I don’t talk about in my profile, something that I’m slightly embarrassed about but still feel you should know.

I am.. (drum roll).. OBSESSED with fitness DVDs.

Weight of the world has just been lifted off my shoulders.  I don’t know why or how I came to be obsessed, but somehow my collection has grown to total nearly 20 DVDs.  From p90x to Hip Hop Abs, it doesn’t matter what the fitness style is, I’ll buy it if it’s on DVD.  I somehow justify this little habit of mine by telling myself, “well, if I was going to a class, I’d probably be paying $15 or $20 anyways.. so if I get the DVD and use it twice, it’s worth the money..” is it though? Really?!

I feel that I need to tell you this, because I’ve been getting the urge again. Late nights, I’m cruising Amazon looking for something with high ratings, reading the reviews, but I haven’t made a purchase yet.  I’m still looking though I kind of hope I’m only looking- unless you have something I NEED to try (tell me now please).

Does anybody else go out for dinner and a bottle or two of with their girlfriends to find themselves in the DVD section at Walmart buying hip hop abs, the next morning waking up and thinking to yourself, “Why would I open the packaging?!”

No? Oh, well, uhhh.. Me neither.

Thought you should know how I was feeling this am around my little secret.  The thing that really got me onto is was Melissa has been doing core fusion.. making me very, very curious.

Happy Hump Day friends!


3 thoughts on “Confession

  1. I can defiantly relate to the post wine, late night, Walmart trips…but I think the Hip-Hop Abs purchase was due to peer pressure from my wonderful roommate!

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