Avatar: Cinderella meets Pocahontas in Fern Gully

Tonights dinner was a combination of chicken (marinated in kikkoman teryaki sauce), steamed broccoli topped with goat cheese and brown rice (wasn’t quite ready when I took this shot), 2 slim pieces of baguette (white, but organic- 2nd slice with pb and rfj pre movie), and grapes. It was super yummy and I was happy to have something nourishing before heading into that three hour movie.

Avatar.  Still not sure what to think. It was insane, but so real at the same time if those cultures actually existed.  Just watching the main guy (Jake- I can’t remember) wander around the forest touching things in the beginning made me feel like I was watching something so natural (minus the fact they’re 7ft tall and look like barbie/amazonian creatures).  Needless to say it was a good show, I couldn’t believe when we got there that the 5 of us couldn’t sit together.  It’s a Monday night in the third week in and the theatre was just packed! Make sure you see it, even if you don’t want to.  It’s an experience that everyone is talking about and will be talking about until at least Grammy season.

That’s all from me tonight friends. Hope everyone had a flawless Monday!


2 thoughts on “Avatar: Cinderella meets Pocahontas in Fern Gully

  1. I just saw Avatar this past weekend as well. I completely agree with you – I was in awe and a bit tongue-tied at the same time. Something didn’t seem completely polished – the storyline, I think – but the images and feeling definitely made up for it. I also agree that people should go and see it, regardless.

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