Musings from the Yoga Mat

As I lied there yesterday afternoon listening to the instructor say “Feel this feeling, and know that you’re ok in this moment, in this place..” I realized something. I need yoga in my life on a continuos basis. Lot’s of times with yoga I like to buy the unlimited passes, and go as much and as often as I can to try and get maximum physical benefits from the practice. But, what I realized yesterday was that’s not what I need it for. I can get maximum physical benefits of the gym or on my runs when the DJ is blaring in my ears; what I need from yoga, is a little taste of bliss and a bit of inner peace.
I don’t know whether it’s the January blues that has me in a bit of a rut, or what it is. I don’t actually think I’m in a rut in the big picture (with volunteering, school, marathoning, and work), but internally I have been.
So yesterday I came to the conclusion, that I don’t need yoga for physical benefits of any sort. I need it almost as my religion. I’m not baptized, I didn’t grow up in a religious home, but I’ve always felt quite spiritual, and never had an outlet for it. I do every now and again head to church when I’m in desperate needs, or I find myself back on my yoga mat, but for the first time, I’m starting to come to terms with what my yoga mat and spiritual connection is, and I like it.
I don’t want to go on and on about my spiritual experiences on the yoga mat, but I think one of the reasons for it’s popularity is that religion can be so confusing in todays society. People need to believe in a universe or something bigger then the one we’re living in, and I think that it’s easier if you didn’t grow up with the church to find that on a yoga mat then to adjust your adult beliefs. (Although- I can imagine how great it is if you could combine the two).
Anyways, that was something I wanted to share with you as I woke up this morning, and thought someone could appreciate.

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