Oh, Friday- How I love thee

Mmmmm coffee! I’m sitting here in my plaid pijamas and 9:05am on a Friday. Life is good, though I think I’ll be getting out of the jammers and into workout gear soon. I have no excuse other then rain to take a PJ day- rain just isn’t going to stop me from getting my to do list ticked off for the day!

As I’ve made monthly resolutions, one of which was having oatmeal 4x a week for breakfast and doing yoga twice a week, I’ve found myself with 2 days to eat oatmeal twice (not a problem since I’ve been enjoying it and how it makes me feel through the day) and yoga, which I think I may get to a Moksha class this evening. Something about sitting in a hot room while it’s raining just makes me feel cozy- perhaps I’ll lie on my mat the entire time and just nap.. probably not, but perhaps..

As I sit here watching the rain come down, I’m thankful. For so many things, for my health, my friends and family, to be able to live in a place where my biggest fear is whether I do well on a certain paper or not. I’m lucky, and thankful to say the least. I’ve been thinking a lot about those down in Haiti, as I’m sure the rest of the world has. It’s kind of sad how other then writing a cheque or handing over my visa number, I don’t feel like I can do anything (action oriented), but I can encourage others to goto Red Cross and make a donation, like I have done, it’s not much, but I figure it helps. A lot of little donations are better then none at all.
Something that I’ve decided to do though, and have a meeting for today is to volunteer and help organize a Triathlon of Compassion in my local city to help raise money for the Women’s Sexual Assault Centre. I’m doing a lot of things right now in my life between school, work, playing club field hockey and training for a marathon (apparently- tomorrow’s day 1 at my clinic); but I’m not doing much for my community. I’m excited to become part of this and hopefully when the event comes to fruition I’ll be participating in it as well as having helped organize it.
I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty excited about all that’s been going on right now. I’m sad for those in Haiti (there’s a school group from BC down there communicating through facebook to loved ones up here and just want to come home)- I can’t imagine what that’d be like right now; while all at the same time I’m strangely content and happy. It’s a weird mix of feelings, but that’s just what I feel, can’t fight it.
Hope everyone has a great friday, thinking good thoughts!

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