A Day of New Ventures

Chia seeds in my oatmeal at breakfast, and spinach in my smoothie for an afternoon snack! Today is turning my life around people! Or at least blogging and having all wonderful ideas floating my way through this wonderful way of communications.

After I ate lunch (salad; with tuna, corn, pepper and crackers crunched on top), I went off an taught a little bootcamp to some high school kids. They were hilarious! So tired by the end of it. I remember when I was in high school thinking I was uber fit and could do just about anything, boy, was I wrong!
Alas, that ended at 1:30 and I whipped downtown to meet with the Sexual Assault Centre about volunteering for their annual Triathlon. Needless to say I am on board and so excited to be volunteering with such a great organization. I’m sure I will have lot’s more to talk about as my adventure with them progresses, but right now, I’m just excited to get started. I met with an organizer there for about 40minutes and decided we’d meet next week when she had a better idea of where we were going with it.
I managed to drop the marathon bomb on her as well, because let’s be honest, I need to make sure I do this after I’ve talked about it so much. So right after that, I whipped to the running store, filled out my registration and I’m all set. Watch for bib 2354 running down the road if you’re there in May, I’ll be wearing it! (oh god!)
Once that was said and done, I got home and whipped myself up a “Green Monster” it turned out to be more of a Pink-Grey Teddy bear. I missed the boat on the Spinach (by not putting enough in) and mixed up a scoop of brown rice protein powder, spinach, frozen blueberries, raspberries, soy milk and half a banana. It tasted wonderful, but I think I need to readjust my fruit to spinach ratio. Quick question for you though- smoothies without bananas? Are they just as smooth? I have a hard time imagining it without, or remembering to days without, but I do wonder.. let me know if you have a good banana replacement, maybe I could give that a go.
Wish me luck! I’m off for the night, out for dinner with the manfriend and then getting up early in the morning for my first clinic.. New friends- ahhh!

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