Big News!

I’m training for the Vancouver Marathon!!!!!

I just registered last night and am starting my run clinic on Saturday. I’m so excited! I did my last marathon in 2005 and thought to myself then that it would be cool to be able to do one every 5 years.
It just kind of worked out for me I guess. I needed a goal outside of my school and something to do with my body that will challenge me both physically and mentally. I’m going to switch up my weight training as well to be more yoga based and only do weights during light weeks. I have such a big mix of feelings this morning as I realize that: yes, I did register, and yes, I am telling lot’s of people (in hopes that this actually happens).
In the spirit of training, I went out this morning and ran for 48 minutes, all hills baby! I did 4 short ones (about .5k) and two long hills (about 1k). My legs were so tired on the run home, but I guess that’s the whole point of hills.
I’m so giddy and excited especially after reading Megan’s ( final posts as she got ready to run her Disney Marathon. I know Vancouver is not nearly as exciting as Disney, but it’s a close second, not to mention a little cheaper to get to..
Brekkie today was a 1/4C of oats, half scoop of protein powder, banana, 1Tb of organic PB (switched from Skippy this am!) and a sprinkling of bran buds.. I don’t know what it is about this meal, but I’m starting to love it!
(the picture above is my snack from last night- Almonds, granola, goat yogurt and blueberries– I also had 2 pieces of Denman Island Chocolate (70% cacao) and on corn thin AB sandwich)

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