Rainy Run with a side of yoga

Hello again, this morning I got up at 6am for what was a very wet and rainy run. I thought to myself as I was lying there deciding whether to get up or not that yes, today in fact was my day and I needed to get as much from it as I could. So- of I went, trotting along for about 13km again, this time it took me 57minutes. When I got home I had about 20minutes to spare before having to get in the shower and sort out my life for the day, so I did about 20minutes of sun salutations and warriors to get a nice little stretch in before I head to my class room and sit all day.

Once I got home, I was all excited to mix some chia seeds into my oats, so excited, I forgot! But, I did manage to change things up, I made 1/4C of oats with 1/2scoop of brown rice protein powder, 1Tb of peanut butter and a banana; and of course 1.5Tb of bran buds (luuurve the crunch).
I’m feeling pretty good about this combo, another thing I’m looking forward to is dabbling in the green monster world. I’ve got my spinach and magic bullet ready for later in the avo.
Until then..


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