Cooking: More Fun than Homework

Ohh baby, snack time! I got home from school today pretty darn hungry, so whipped myself up a little salad with balsamic and olive oil on it, it wasn’t hitting the spot so I also chopped a pear into the mix and it was just right.. (especially since I spread a little goat cheese and RFJ on a corn thin after)

Following that venture, I got out the old food processor. In it was 4 roasted red peppers, 3 cloves of garlic, 1 can of chickpeas, a dollop of tahini, juice of one and a half lemons, olive oil (probs 1-2TBS) and salt/pepp… I hit the magic button and BOOM:
This lovely mixture presented itself to me, sweet and savory and nothing but goodness for you. I love it! I’ve never made a roasted red pepper hummus, I knew how to make hummus and just chucked in the red peppers and hoped for the best– I got better than what I could have asked for.
Quick tip with it: if you find it’s a bit dry and don’t want to add too much olive oil, just throw some water into it, it works well and there’s enough flavor you won’t have to worry.
Here’s dinner (obviously I ate more veggies and grapes than shown, but I just hadn’t loaded them on my plate by that point):
3/4 of a WW pita with my hummus, 1/2 a chicken breast (marinated in lemon juice, olive oil, oregano and pepper), cucumber, and spinach– Also, after my little avo snack, because we had such a late dinner I snacked on some rice chips and salsa.. any kind of tortilla chip and I are basically lovers, just sayin’…

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