Sunday Funday= Homework Galore

Although Sunday is a day of leisure for most, it sure isn’t for me (well- not complete leisure).

This morning started with a 7am wake up followed by a coffee and heading down to teach what is my favorite class, the Biggest Winner group. They’re not really a class, I guess, just a group of women (and one man- our first), who are in their own program separate from what we offer at the studio.

So what is a Biggest Winner? Similar to that of the Biggest Loser, but without the negative title. Yes, it’s a losing game, but the people who are losing the weight are by no means losers. At our studio, it’s a group of women who often times have to lose more than 100lbs to get to be a healthy weight, that’s over a year of strict eating (on your best day). I can’t tell you how much it means to be a part of their journey to health; it’s something that I wish everyone could experience.

Days like today make me realize that fitness is a gift. Everyday on our hard runs, or when we feel like we can’t get out the door and are just hating on it we need to be thankful that we can do it; and keep doing it so we don’t lose the ability to.

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