Hungry Friday

I woke up this morning with a smile on my face for two reasons: it’s Friday, which means I don’t have class today week; and it’s Friday which means I don’t have class until Monday.
So what did I do next? Made a pot of coffee and got out the homework of course! I love the fact that I avoid papers and projects with more paper and projects. Next week alone I have a paper due Monday, Wednesday and a debate on Thursday (not to mention the paper that I handed in today). But fear not, Mondays paper has been completed and submitted, both of them! As was todays paper (that was handed in yesterday) which means, I’m free to relax until Sunday (then homework will have to be put back on the ‘to do’ list).
Something I’ve been obsessing over though the last couple of weeks is finding a job placement in China to go teach overseas and check out a new culture (making this blog far more entertaining I’m sure).. I’m looking for suggestions, have any?
Meals, Meals, Meals:
Breakfast was my oatmeal/banana combo that you know of
A mid morning snack was a chunk of a protein bar– kind of gross tasting when you don’t eat them on a regular basis (Think protein bars)
Then for a late lunch I had some pho (vietnamese soup- tofu and veg) and an apple
Pre dinner snack was a bit of goat yogurt with grapes and a Tb of granola
Dinner was going to be a salad with goat cheese and figs, but changed to 3egg whites and a whole egg scrambled with some goat cheese, 2 corn thins and ketchup– yes, ketchup (it’s Friday, so might as well ‘go nuts’)
And then my post dinner snack, you ask? ICECREAM and peanut butter with chocolate chips on top… I looooove Fridays! And then, because that wasn’t enough, popcorn, hot air popped..
**I would normally leave this out, but let’s be honest, we ALL do it, and I just did.. eat your hearts out! haha
Goat Yog and Eggs (yummm)

Fitness today, since I know you’re probably dying to know was a 5km run (in 20mins) down to the studio and then a 50minute circuit class (where my abs just got murdered). It felt great to get out for another run kind of mid morning, but I do prefer getting out before I eat, it just feels better… unless I really plan it, but today wasn’t one of those days.
There you have it, my friday, a hungry one, but a good one all the same, have fantastic evenings and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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